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  1. Jackson Dillard Says:

    I love the site. Very helpful information!

    • ruth Says:


    • Lee Says:

      This web site is Awesome,myself and a lot of others were so encourage when we found this site..We have dicussed these subjects for years and i was fighting against all tradition of the churchs,but i was watching the “business” operate..each denomination and non denomination programs were another aspect of a business.Ordination,should be called “Denomination Indoctrination” with a cost $.. Big Denominations with colledges, Poor kids and Adults paying almost $38k a year tuition to be a teacher ,worship leader,Preacher,or whatever.
      So tired of it….And twisting the scriptures for the word “tithe and offerings”
      Sacraficed 18 years to build a Denomination’s name……Left under the direction of the Holy Ghost,I am Free and touching lives for Jesus…and many other who departed from the same church….

  2. Zirlott Says:

    My family and I have been having “house church” meetings for about a year now. As soon as we left the institutionalized church, we felt free. It was as if a burden was lifted. We are on a path led by our Heavenly Father. the Holy Spirit is teaching us and strengthening us daily.

    Will look over your site and post again! thanks

    • Lee Says:

      I am getting ready to start a “House Church” in the new city I just moved into,I am excited…I have participated in these in the past,These meetings are awesome,you get so much out of it…

  3. Matt Says:

    I have been wondering why the role of shepherd is called rare on your site?
    Also, I have been wondering why the near elimination of leaders is considered a good thing? I might be misunderstanding the things that I have read, and I would love to understand more. Please contect me.

  4. Karen Says:

    I am looking for a home church. I cannot find the Holy Spirit or even the desire for God’s guidance in most of the church’s I’ve been in. SO dry. I long for real worship and real support and Christian love and most of all real communion with the Father in prayer. United in prayer.

    I hope your site will show me how to find this.

    • carl pellerin Says:

      Hi karen this is carl pellerin your brother in christ.Saw your blog and was sad for you that you feel this way now.Was where you were when you wrote this.I know this was a while back but just wanted to say hi and my heart goes out to you.Real sad that most church goers do not realize that we are the church and pastors are not feeding Gods sheep.I pray that by now you have found a good home church to attend.I am an ordained minister and so is my wife and am just now trying to open a house church.please feel free to email us at carlpellerin@cox.net if we can help.God bless you sister in christ.

    • Joe Daino Says:

      Karin, One single thing that can help you find the fellowship with Love is contained in a single chart that was given to me to share with others 20 years ago. If you would like a copy to share with others I would be happy to email it to you. Ask for NEW TESTAMENT GIVING and send it to jotogo4@gmail.com . In Christ Love / purpose, Joe

    • Anna Says:

      Tried registering at hccentral.com?

  5. tstanley Says:

    Matt, thanks for your excellent questions.

    The role of a shepherd is rare today because we’ve largely lost the true meaning of what shepherding is. Many people think that shepherding is performing administrative functions, or just doing a lot of teachings. It is rare to see real shepherding occur today.

    Concerning leaders, we do not want to eliminate true leadership in the church. However, the roles of leadership have become perverted. Leadership should emerge naturally from within the group, as in the early churches.

  6. Chris Says:

    Great site! I’ve read enough of Frank Viola’s writing on similar issues to know that there is a real groundswell of support for this entire movement. It’s refreshing, authentic, and encouraging to see the Body of Christ sloughing off the old wine skin. The Holy Spirit of God was never meant to be “contained” by or in anything – certainly not human-generated traditions. And though we are the temple, individually and corporately, being built up together as “living stones” into a spiritual house, we still don’t “contain” Him who said, “Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me?” Having said this as a reinforcement of the truth found throughout this site (as though it needs reinforcement), let me add that we all should proceed with a great degree of discernment, especially in the cult-fostering, postmodern era in which we live. Paul also said that if we think we stand, we should take heed, lest we fall. Our “traditions” or forms can easily become mere replacements of that which we have fled if those practices become ends unto themselves. It is grievous to me to see a proliferation of related literature in the “Christian” market (whatever that is) that seems to benefit the authors and publishing houses more than anyone else. The free exchange of our ideas and experiences under Christ’s authority, and mutual, scriptural exhortation doesn’t seem to give place to marketing our perspectives for monetary gain, but it doesn’t seem to be letting up. I believe we are of the same mind and would agree that “being” the Church, stripped of our comfort with compulsory worship, robbed of the opportunity to grow complacent, and reaching beyond the pursuit of personal gain, is a qualified goal as we grow from glory to glory. But, desiring and achieving intimacy with one another in a “real” and mutually nurturing biblical setting is not the ultimate goal – exalting the name of Christ is! Wherever we may find ourselves, if only two or three, we should make this our focus. Thank you for your work and diligence as you decrease and He increases!

  7. Bill Wright, Jr. Says:

    I came across you site today (12/09/07). In fact, I linked it on my blog. I hope that is ok.

    I would like to visit with you one day soon and begin learning directly from you. I live in Georgetown, TX.

    Let me know. My email is bwrightjr@gmail.com.

    Take Care!


  8. William Bateman Says:

    Great resources! I always thought I was the only “square peg trying to fit into a round hole!”

    Way back in the late 1970’s; I was asked to promote “tithes and offering Sunday” at our “church denomination.” I was a babe in faith but loved reading His Word. I struggled with promoting the giving of faithful tithes but being a New Testament believer who is commanded to cheerfully give to my brother in need… so I approached my “Pastor” about this.

    His reply? “That was for then, but this is for now.” That was like my being asked to put “blind faith” in what was being taught behind a pulpit! I went back to the scriptures and discovered everything that I was being “taught” was contrary to what the “church actually is!” It is we – the fellowship of believers, equipped and empowered by God the Holy Spirit; to use our giftings accordingly to edify and build one another up in the most holy faith and to prepare to meet or Great Shepherd soon – Jesus Christ!

    30 years and 14 children later – we still go to “denominational churches” to minister in song, teaching, preaching and fellowship… and keep getting asked to do so despite our actually being a “member of no particular denomination!” This must be a “God thing!”

    Be encouraged pilgrims! We are going home soon… just continue working in our Master’s fields into He calls us in for supper!!!

    Cody and Elaine Bateman
    Brunswick/St. Simons, Georgia

    Ezra 9:8

  9. Roger Arevalo Says:


    I’m glad I found your blog, maybe some of your readers can help us. We need help finding a home church in the Longview-Gladewater, Tx. area. Please help us with any information that you think might helpful.

    Thank You…Roger


  10. Fran Pearson Says:

    You have been an encouragement to me and I thank you!! A while back I purchased your book….so,so right on the truth! May the Lord continue to bless you with His love and peace. I live way up here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Do you know of any home church connections here?, Fran

  11. Solid Rock Minnesota Says:

    Great site to connect with others. Thanks

  12. Mike Petersen Says:


    Thank you for caring more about what God thinks than the approval of men. It is not an easy task to go against the grain but the rewards are definitely worth it. I hope that everyone sees that your heart is for unity in the body of Christ & not division. The things you write & say may seem harsh but I can attest, it is done with a humble heart & out of love. Thank you for your passion for the thing nearest & dearest to the Lord, His Bride. May we all come into unity of the Spirit under the headship of Christ.
    Come & see us again soon!

  13. Mike Stenberg Says:


    I am quickly reading your book. I have known the example given by the Apostles in Acts and within God’s Word for His church. There has always been a “empty” feeling in the lack of “Fellowship” and growth as described in Ephesians 4 within our body. The gifts are silent, and the edification is limited to the first day of the week. It’s a sad and empty meeting… in a dead building. Some of us seeking transparent relationships with those who are also hungry and quenching the Spirit the same.

  14. Mike Petersen Says:

    How can I start a new thread on the significance of communion?
    It is something that I have struggled with since my mother put a dread in me of taking it in an unworthy manner. As a impressionable child, it put a gloom & doom, solemn atmosphere around the whole “celebrating communion” thing. What served to further confuse me was the practice of the church I grew up in to do it in the context of a “love feast” which to me would indicate a celebration & not a funeral. We only observed it once or twice a year which also included a foot washing element beforehand where each man would wash another man’s feet & each woman would wash another woman’s feet. To say the least, it was an awkward & humbling experience but it built a sense of intimacy & community. I feel like I’m missing the importance of it but unless something more than a sip of wine & pinch of bread is offered, I don’t see any point in it.
    Perhaps you can shed some light on this since you often refer to having a bottle of wine & some bread handy at each gathering.

    • Arch Nevins Says:

      Just as the whole concept of church has been distorted through the centuries by the organized church, individual parts have been too. The perspective of what is called Communion or the eucharist is far from what our Messiah and the scriptures have given us. It was never a separate act to be done at any individual’s personal discrimination. It is a part of our Father’s design in the Passover to be shared each year as the Son did it and called us to do it, as well as, the early church.

      The importance of it becomes critical and clear as we see it in the covenant the Father has desired since the beginning of time and has renewed through His Son.

      Be glad to interact more with you, or anyone on this at revnev@aol.com or 317-501-5039.

      Arch Nevins

  15. Terry Stanley Says:

    Thanks for your comments Mike. I love you and the brothers there dearly. I am planning on coming to be with you guys for another extended stay at the beginning of June. The way you all are and the encouragmenet that you guys bring is truly a blessing in the Spirit.

    Concerning your post: I guess I would say that every beliver takes the wine and bread differently. Some receive these symbols of the body and blood in a very serious and prayerful manner and some seem to take it in a very light hearted and rejoicing way. For me, it depends on the mood I’m in and what my faith is at the time.

    If I am experiencing difficulty or trials in my life or heart, I may be very prayerful and I may spend five minutes in meditation before I take eat the bread and drink the wine. At other times I may take them much faster. It just depends on what’s real for me in that moment.

    I will say that I think it’s good that those “elements” are available often as we gather, at that someone announce the fact that they are available or lead us in a time of taking them…. because it is good to remember what the Lord did and that we remember together. I think it always encourages faith among us when the wine and bread are a part of our gathering times.

    Hey you can bring a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread with you when you guys have the next prayer meeting! I can’t wait to enjoy it with you when I come in June.

  16. Mike Petersen Says:

    Maybe I’m dense but I must be missing something because I sure don’t get out of it what other people get out of it. The whole symbolism of the practice is lost on me. I’ve never needed elements to remind me of the price he paid. If it wasn’t for His grace & mercy, I would be dead by now so I feel like I’m just living on borrowed time. When you’ve got the real thing living through you, why do you need something external to remind you of it. I don’t mean to be difficult, I just really want to experience whatever it is you experience from it.

  17. Terry Stanley Says:

    Yea I understand that. I think that’s great.

    For me though, really all it is, is a time set aside to focus on only that one thing. It’s good for our faith to do activities that focus us on one thing only from time to time. Whether it’s a time to focus only on scripture, a time to focus only on the fear of the Lord and who He is that will judge the whole earth, or a focused time on only His love and mercy.

    It’s great to be aware of what He did on a daily basis, really great – but to take a few minutes and just focus on what the bread is, His body, and all the implications of that for me really carves out more depth in that area.

    I am aware of what the Lord did on the cross, but if I were to stop right now and spend a couple of minutes focusing only on that (even without the physical elements available), I get in touch with it in a deeper way and on a deeper level. So, when we do this type of activity corporately, it deepens US as a group in the very foundation of Christianity.

    I don’t kow…just my thoughts. Maybe someone else has more on it…

  18. Mike Petersen Says:

    I heard there may be another hc conference this year. If so, when & where so I can make travel plans.

  19. TONY Says:


  20. stephen fretwell Says:

    I have been out of the institutional church for many decades, initially on gut feeling. But, about 18 years ago, I asked the Holy Spirit what we should do about church, and got an astonishingly clear response. “Do what is written, then ask again.” I made a list of scriptural guidelines for being or “having” church, finding few or none that were included in on-going institutional church life.

    So, several of us started a home church (which was clearly written), and waited on God for further direction. He then brought the passages in I Corinthians alive to us: verses 1:11 to 4:6. This last verse actually commands that, insofar as we go about being church, we are to not even “think beyond what is written.” The whole section, flagged throughout with references to “Paul” and “Apollus,” is a single, coherent admonishment, one of great importance. The judgment part (3:16) is quite severe. Naming groups (churches) is considered “defiling” the “temple of God” a sin punishable by being destroyed by God Himself, evidently a sin unto death (1 John 5:16).

    The institutional churches, which are all named, (“I am of Paul, I am of Cephas, I am of Luther, I am of Mennon, of Christ, etc.”) are described as being built out of “wood, hay, and straw.” I believe this is a reference by the Spirit to the bundles of tares described by Jesus in His parable. Bundled tares would have to be considered “hay.” (Straw, like chaff, consists of dead plant parts that played a temporary role in bringing wheat to maturity. Wood would be gotten from trees that got an ax to their root, and fruitless fig trees.)

    So, I believe the Holy Spirit has led me to the truth that house churches are more than a good idea. Limiting one’s church identification to an unnamed “house” church is spiritually a matter of life and death.

    I have found searching throughout the whole scriptures for the written passages referred to most rewarding.

  21. tstanley Says:


    I wanted to reply to your two questions:

    When Jesus made His comments about His house should be a house of prayer and not a den of thieves, to put it very simply I believe he was referring to the fact that money and profit should not be a part of the church – which is what we have today – people making their salaries and incomes from the church.

    Concerning your second question. You should never submit to a man because he has a title, a degree, has a position of leadership, or because everyone else is submitting to him. People gain influence and position for any number of reasons. You should only submit to Jesus and to the scriptures. If a man is sharing with you the scriptures, then submit to what he is saying with all your heart.

    But even men who speak to you what is in the scriptures can also speak to you things that are not in scripture. So you have to let the bad stuff go in one ear and out the other.

    Submission can be a big subject that I can’t go into detail here, but Jesus said to call no man leader, father, or teacher – but that we are all brothers.

    At the same time He will use men to encourage us and bring us to the Kingdom of God in our lives, but it is God doing it and not the man himself. God allows men of position to fall all the time and for their weaknesses to be continually exposed so that we don’t become followers of men instead of followers of God.

    But yes, God will bring people into your life that He will use to show you the Kingdom way, but you are to only submit to them as they share with you what is Biblical – so you must always maintain a relationship with the Lord yourself in which you are praying and listening to God and learning to discern the scriptures for yourself.

  22. Jeff Says:

    I love your site! We planted a church about a year and a half ago with the predominate idea of that church being cell-based and institutional. I didn’t really know anything about the “house”/”organic”/”simple” church movement going on in our country. In fact, I didn’t even know the terms “Institutional” vs. “House/Simple/Organic”!

    Early on, I was exposed to some interesting books such as “Organic Church” by Neil Cole and “Rethinking the Wineskin” by Frank Viola. Since then, I have read everything thing on this subject that I could get my hands on! I especially found myself spending a lot of time in the Gospels trying to see how Jesus first planted His church, which, BTW, met often in several different houses.

    Today, we are a house church. We are simply living out body life everyday, and gather on Sunday evenings. We eat together, pray together, play together, and discuss the Scriptures together. We are begging God to bring people into our lives that are hungry and thirsty for Him, instead of empty, hollow religion. We live normal lives and work regular “jobs”. Our kids play sports and we hang out around town. We are making many new friends and wait on God to show us how far to go with each person we meet.

    Your site will no doubt give me another avenue to learn how Jesus truly seeks to manifest His body to the world.


    Jeff Rhodes

  23. Taylor Says:

    OUR CHURCH MODEL: I am part of a none denomination christian group in Brazil that has introduced several aspects of the home church dynamics into its church services. We have a combination of small churches and home churches. 45 years ago 8 young people were invited to leave a main denomination church. Unable to find a church that they could fit they sought the Lord ardently with many tears. In his great mercy the Lord started showing them a different kind of church. Right from the beginning the Lord required all to be completely and absolutely obedient to the Holy Spirit… not to go by our own understanding… we made many mistakes since this is far easier said than done. With great struggle and stumbles we slowly learned how to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The key point was in developing a group of members that were truly used in gifts of the Holy Spirit. Today, we are completely dependent on the gifts that all members bring each day for the edification of all. We are a living a unique and strong doctrine of body of Christ. Not a doctrine developed by a theologian but one that “naturally” sprang from the practical application of the scriptures the life of the church. As a result, we have grown from 8 people to almost 1 million in 45 years. We are experiencing a revival in our midst. We grow in average by 20 to 30 thousand people per month. We build one small church every 3 days and open 3 to 4 home churches per week. We do not solicit money in our services, our churches are small and we have services every night and we all really look forward to finishing a days work so we can be together with our brothers and sisters to worship, pray and seek the Lord. Our model of church is not ours… it is His… it did not come about by one man writing a vision or a book… and this format is always undergoing changes and new directions by the Holy Spirit. God bless you all.

    • Pastor Mike morrissey Says:

      Nice message! We lived and worked up the Gregorio river in Acre. We planted a Church among the Yawanawas. We left Brazil in 1985 for good after 15 years. We served with New Tribes mission. We noe believe it or not, a contact via e mkail and also skype with the Indians we served among! The computer world has some great blessings. Pastor Mike New Hope Fellowship Church,

  24. Susan Says:

    I am almost 50 yrs old. I have been “going to church” off and on since i was an infant. When I was around 15 yrs old, I started reading the bible. I quickly became confused because of the difference in what I was reading and what I was experiencing in “church”.
    I have been reading about home churches for a few days now. I stumbled onto this site and after reading these blogs,
    I have to tell you, I am ANGRY. I now realize, instead of growing as a christian, I have learned to mistrust what the Holy Spirit has been trying to tell me all these years because it is so different than what all the other christians seem to accept as truth. I have even suspected that maybe Jesus would not or could not “choose” me because I just could not believe that tithing, sermons, ect was scriptural.
    I have had a life time of “back-sliding”. I am tired of trying to learn about Jesus in a traditional church, of trying to ask questions and get anything other than pat answers, of trying to find people who want to live a christian life instead of just talking like they are christians.
    But after reading here I am starting to realize that all these years I have trusted the traditions of men instead of the Holy Spirit. God forgive me.
    My husband and children are going to start a relationship with Jesus in our own home and my hope is that He will send us other believers that want and NEED the same.
    I want to thank everyone here for all your words, I am so happy right now, I’m going to stop writing and cry.
    Please pray for the Griffin family, that we might truly learn who Jesus is and what he wants for us.

    • carl pellerin Says:

      Susan i am an ordained minister and big deal about my being a minister i only wanted to let you know i feel your pain and am not well recieved in the traditional church circle myself and its cause i speak out against all the pervertedness from the pastors and their way of opressing Gods people and am not a friendof the traditional church.I pray that you have by now found a good home church in your erea to lift you and your family to encourage you and stand with you.The home church system is correct and biblicaly sound and may God bless you and your family with wisdom.discernment

  25. Taylor Says:

    Dear Susan. I see your pain in your words. I understand how hard is to walk alone without the support of a local body. I would like to encourage you to gather your family in a home meeting and establish some guidelines on how your home church will function. These are some practical suggestions:1) Agree with your family to meet at least once a week on a specific day of the week with a set time to start. 2) During the meetings encourage everyone to pray and seek God’s direction for the group… don’t trust your own understanding. Surrender your own agenda to God… let the Holy Spirit lead you. 3) Don’t make the meetings too long. 4) When bringing a message use the Bible, make it short and objective and avoid message that criticizes churches and other religions… focus in Christ… deliver a positive message so everyone can be fed. 5) Worship is key… if you don’t play a musical instrument try to learn to play the guitar or the keyboard… start practicing a few simple songs and you will see quick results. 5) Once you have established a good dynamic in your family service its time to start inviting other people. 6) Pray for the Lord to bring people that are seekers and needy. 7) Focus on the unsaved… there is nothing better and uplifting than having new converts in your group. 8) Pray a lot and don’t forget to feed yourself daily in the scriptures.
    Churches have failed to support you… but no church is to be blamed for your personal spiritual struggles. I encourage you to start home meetings as soon as possible and you will reap the benefits of what you sow. I will be praying for the Griffin family.

  26. Susan Says:


    Yes I agree with everything you said. I know I have been feeling bitter because of the state of churches today, but I have been praying a lot about it and just today it hit me: I should take the log out of my own eye before trying to take the splinter out of anyone else’s eye. Instead of focusing on what I need all the time, maybe I should have been doing a better job of finding my christian brothers and sisters that are unhappy and help them.

    I think the Holy Spirit is guiding me towards being more tolerant of where other christians are in thier walk at any given time. I have been quietly critical of others for failing to see what is so plain to me in scriptures, for example: not selling in church, tithing, persuing wealth, gossip, ect., meanwhile I have not been able to kick the habit of smoking. I would hate to know someone would think I am “not really a christian” because I have not “overcome” this habit, all the while thinking the same thing about others because they don’t do what is easy for me to do.

    I was wondering about inviting unsaved people to home church meetings. Thank you for your timely words.

    What does everyone here do to build thier faith? I really would like some practical answers, because I don’t know how to build mine. I pray and ask for more faith, but could someone point me in the right direction as far as scriptures dealing with this subject. I have done topic searches online but always get overwhelmed.

    God bless you,

  27. Taylor Says:


    I can send you a sequence of bible studies on an MP3 format that you can listen to. These are bible studies that we use when starting our home churches. They are intended to build ones faith from the ground up.

    Some of the studies are:
    1) The Bible the Word of God
    2) Salvation as a way of life
    3) Baptism of the Holy Spirit
    4) Understanding Spiritual Gifts
    5) Using the spiritual gifts
    6) Prayer
    7) The Power of the Blood of Jesus
    8) Praise in the Spirit
    9) Means of reaching grace: Fasting, prayer, fellowship
    10) The body of Christ

    My email is taylor.vieira@mac.com

    God bless.


  28. Dave Says:

    Very interesting site. My wife just ordered the book. This sounds like what we’ve been hearing in prayer.
    We’ve been tired of “playing” church in the traditional setting, and wanting to be like the new testament church for quite a while now.
    It’s almost as if many are “sleeping” playing church, and is not the same explosive power the church was meant to be.
    I believe you’ve touched on the true dynamic of what Jesus wanted it to be.
    God bless,

  29. Funso Says:

    I find myself endeared to this site because of my own belief too in the efficacy of the home church to be the ground for doing the work of building in each individual for The Lord’s Purpose. However, I have issues about the place of people who are not yet born-again, as the scripture instructs, from being a part of the home meetings. How do they get to be part of home churches? Is their a process?
    Also, when Jesus said allow the wheat and the tares to grow together, is it in the church?

  30. Funso Says:

    I find myself endeared to this site because of my own belief too in the efficacy of the home church to be the ground for doing the work of building in each individual for The Lord’s Purpose. However, I have issues about the place of people who are not yet born-again, as the scripture instructs, from being a part of the home meetings. How do they get to be part of home churches? Is their a process?
    Also, when Jesus said allow the wheat and the tares to grow together, is it in the church?
    My e-mail is drmanltd@yahoo.com

  31. richard d. whalen Says:

    Hi may i write to you about taking the LORDS Supper?Paul talks about discerning the Lords body in 1cor.11 verse 29 and most folks miss what a blessing it is to partake of the LORDS Supper.
    I just read what Mike Peterson wrote to you back in Feb about communion and here 12 hours later it is burnning in me to share what GOD has revealed to me. years ago i wrote a small booklet Taking the LORDS Supper in a prison cell. rdwhalen@unionplus .net

  32. Arlene Says:

    My husband and I want to be involved with other Christians in organic church life. We know by reading books and being on the internet that such groups exist, but haven’t been able to find any in our area- Wenatchee, Washington. If anyone out there knows of groups meeting in North Central Washington, please email me with the information. Thanks for listening! Your prayers would be appreciated.

  33. SOwen Says:

    I just recently found your site. I have been apart of a house church here in Conway, Ar. for about 2 months. I really love the articles and am looking forward to going through all of them to learn more. You seem to have things laid out really well scripturally. I praise God for people who are following Him in all things.

  34. prayeramedic Says:

    My wife and I are about to give up on church. We can’t stand it. I just started reading Pagan Christianity, wow. . . . Now what?

  35. Eman Says:


    I feel at home to this site. We (with my family) became a house church since we left the traditional church (TC) at the end of 1999. But it is quite a big struggle for us to do so because our means of support was came from TC. I personally knew many pastors in my country – Philippines who are willing to do simple church but they are afraid to do it because they know what will happen to them (their support will be cut-off). Do you have a tangible ways how we can help those pastors with regards the matter?

    One of the best way that we can do it is to help them to stand at their own feet. But my question is HOW? I really appreciate your suggestions to help our beloved brethren in the Lord. Feel free to contact me at eman1227@gmail.com

    • tstanley Says:

      I am sorry but I do not really have an answer for you concerning your question. Perhaps someone else might.

      But I will say that any pastor wishing to resign would have the same economic challenges as any other man in his country would have. So, how can pastors in any particular country support thier families? The same way the other people in that country are supporting themselves, depending on the current economy and job market in that particular country.

      I do not mean to come accross as cruel or without compassion. I know that there are extreme economic challenges to people in most countries, especially now. But if someone were dealing illegal drugs and then realized that the Lord did not want them to do that sort of job, what should they do to support their family?

      Anything else!

      I guess I am saying that we shouldn’t continue in something that the Lord doesn’t want us doing, just because there is money in it. I personally would rather work a job that makes very little money, or even starve, than to be paid for being a pastor. Again, I am sorry if I sound cold hearted toward people’s finances, that is not where I am coming from.

      I will certainly pray for these men in the Phillipines to be able to find work, and to have the courage to do so.

  36. Bill Rymer Says:

    Greetings in Christ brothers and sisters,

    I find it astounding that so many who hope in Christ today have forgotten, or perhaps have never understood, that He came to destroy the temple to raise it again, in a totally new manner, in three days. We are the temple of God. If we cannot recognize HIs appearing in one another, we will never recognize Him returning in clouds of glory.

    The great falling away from simple faith that occurred after the first few centuries post-ceding His death and resurrection were the result of the process of formalizing that which is organic into an organization. We are, all of us, Kings, Queens, Priests and Priestesses unto God. This Organism must express Christ beyond the bounds of man made religion. I think it good to remember that He was despised by the fundamentalists of His day, of whom Saul of Tarsus ranked. Yet Paul, as he was known after his conversion, became the chief enemy of established religious precepts to the point where Paul himself stated that he considered all of his theological training as dung as compared to the surpassing excellency of knowing Christ and Him crucified.

    Jesus railed against the hypocrisy of His day. Where are the voices crying out against fundamentalist excesses and falseness today? We are called to leave Babylon and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Holy City. I long to see the Church restored to express Him in all His fullness!

    Love in Christ,
    Brother Bill

  37. Kyooyoung Lee Says:

    As a korean, I’ve been quite unsatisfied with the present church organization which is mostly being lead by the representative pastor. And we were usually moved to certain chuches because of the pastor’s sermon. I don’t even have any confidence about the common belief that there should be a pastor and he or she should be paid and so on. For about a couple of years I’ve been searching for the biblical alternative in worship and ministry and finally decided to start house church. But someone says that it might have the people feel it as a sort of heresy , if it’s without the pastor. I would be very much thanksfull if I got the biblical counsel and recommendation for the biblical resources if any. Thanks.

    • tstanley Says:


      Many will think that a home church is heretical, no matter what you do or say.

      A strong passage in the New Testament for there to NOT be pastors is Matt 23:8-10 “But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.

      Having said this, I find the burdon of proof to be on those who want pastors. Their role cannot be found in the New Testament.

  38. Mike Stenberg Says:


    Thanks for letting me know about your new book coming in Feb! We look forward to it. I think the body of Christ is being called by the Holy Spirit to move back to simplicity (Fellowship, Food, Prayer, Doctrine) like the early church in Acts.

    • tstanley Says:

      As far as the new book, “Mysteries of the Kingdom”, it is already available from the publisher by clicking on the links on the webpage. But it should be available in bookstores by Feb. 09

  39. shasten marshall Says:

    I am currently someone who has long sense left the traditional church setting but I am interested in home church atmosphere. Also I am thinking I might be in the houston area in a month or two. I know houston a bit, but I will try and keep in contact…God bless!! Shasten

    • terry stanley Says:

      Sorry I’ve not posted in a while. I’m not extremely familiar with how blogging works or how to navigate the “dashboard” for this blog (even though I was able to set it up, without knowing much about it).

      Anyway, my old email address was still in the system so I wasn’t being notified of the comments that were coming in. I’ll try to answer some of the comments now.

  40. Mike Stenberg Says:

    Ephesians 4:11

    And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers…

    I have your first book. I liked it!

    The role of a Pastor today is not what God has intended. He is only one of many callings by God and not the end all in the body of Christ. God has many members in His body that should function together in unity and with mutual edification.

  41. Barb Says:

    Who or where do you tithe to in a home church?

    • Terry Stanley Says:

      Hi Barb,

      The best thing to do would be to read the chapter on tithing on homechurchhelp.com. But to put it simply, tithing is an old testament requirement, not a new testament commandment.

  42. Gerald Martinez Says:

    I have a question. What Bible is the true translation of Scripture? Some say the KJV, others say the NIV is acceurate. What Bible?

    • Terry Stanley Says:


      I don’t have much understanding in this area. Perhaps some others might. I personally use the NASV because I was taught by some professors in college that it is the most “word for word” translation. While the NIV is more “thought for thought”.

      I also don’t like the NIV because of it’s usage of the phrase “old nature” in exchange for “flesh” in some places in Romans. Because there is a difference in these two ideas or words, I think this has mislead many concerning this teaching.

      I also use a Nestle-Aland 26 Greek New Testament along witht my NASV. Although it doesn’t read well in areas, it gives the EXACT Greek word for word translation, without any interpretations, which I really like.

      • Lee Says:

        There are a lot of opinions on this subject of translation,I have ask men with Doctorates degrees and have got several answers.
        I myself have studies from the KJV,NKJV,NASV,Amplified Bible,NIV,and many more.. I even have parallel bibles ,which list many Bibles on the same page and you compare what you are reading with other translations.

        I have found the best translation is read,study,study what the Bibles says ,look it up in a Strong’s concordance for original text translation.Pray…..
        Not all commentators get it correct either
        I thank God that the Bible was translated into the English Language,BUT as you read and study ,I have found a lot was missed in the translation,and i have fallen in love with the meaning of it original origin.
        Culture and History play a large role in what we read as well.
        Hope it helps you out..

  43. Mike Says:

    This is a great website, but we can’t spend our time telling everyone that doesn’t agree with us that they are wrong. There are biblical references to churches outside the home and there are reasons to assemble ourselves. I have friends that have found the freedom you speak of who spend all of their time trying to convince others that this ‘doctrine’ is right and the ‘church’ doctrine is wrong. That is a waste of time. We just need to be the church, that will either convince people or it will not.
    The bottom line is that the traditional church is a business that requires donation and sacrifice to maintain itself…in the Army, we call that a ‘self-licking ice-cream cone. The churches (organizations) force its people to rely on them rather than rely on the Lord. Pastors must preach guilt, authority, doom and gloom, etc in order to ensure people return to the pew.
    Home churches are more in line with what God intended, whether they meet in a home or in a building. The focus is people and not the institution.

    Good on you for creating this website.

    I don’t agree with your assessment on the NIV, it was designed to be the closest english version of the Bible….and yes, there are some interpretations in the meaning, but they exist in any Bible that does not translate word for word. The King James Version is written in a language that has not been spoken in 300 years. Not even sure why we use that one.

  44. Rick McKenzie Says:

    We are very interested in becoming involved in a New Testament House Church. We live in Great Falls, SC. (45 miles north of Columbia, SC.) If anyone knows of anyone in our area, please contact us. Thanks.

  45. Joe Daino Says:

    Simply stated, if we obeyed the giving scriptures of the new testament in the original context / heart purpose they were intended how could investments such as Temples of brick and stone come into being ? Scripture for those who are surrendered to God see clearly that money could be used to betray the body of Christ as did Judas or Glorify His body (the Church) as did the Apostles / disciples. Looks and smells alot like Idolatry to me. Joe

  46. Rodney Lee Says:

    My family is interested in home base church but have few ques. and we dont know anyone here that does them. Is there anyone inW.S. N.C. or Lex.nc please email !!!

  47. Brett Davis Says:

    Dear Bold brothers in Christ,
    I love what you are doing, it is like Jesus to do something rather than just talk about it and I think you are making him happy. I have had a great relationship with Christ for several years and would not attend any church for very long because of petty things. Last year in October I found a church in Naples Florida that I really liked and have been attending regularly and of all things it is a large church and I never thought I would attend a large church. The thing about it is being involved and being a concerned Christian I see exactly why people are turned off by churches, people are afraid when they go to a new church and they are already expecting the worst and you know what happens when they get there. Somebody looks at them wrong or funny because of the way they are dressed or their shoes are not up to standards or their hair is wrong or something is not right about them and they feel judged, judged by Christians of all people. There are clicks in all churches and I guaruntee you this is not what GOD wants but there are clicks and it’s a lot like high school all over again for some.

    I want all Christians to think about a poll just recently released that said 3 out of 10 Americans are saved, I am ashamed of myself for allowing this to happen. Then I received an email a few days ago that said in 5-7 years Islam will be the majority in several European Nation countries. The United States had 100,000 muslims in 1970 and 9,000,000 in 2008 and expect to have 50 million in 2039. Three years ago several Muslim groups gathered in chicago to lay out their plans to evangelize America through media, internet, and other ways. This is a call to action for all of us, believers had bettered start to talk about GOD and what he has done for them and what he can do for others becasue if we don’t, they will talk about their god and people will listen.

    What I’m saying is home churches or whatever means neccessary we need to teach the gospel to everyone who will listen and even those who won’t. God asks us to plant the seed and he will do the rest. GOD has done so much for this country and the people in it and now he is waiting for us to do something. God is like playing checkers, he moves you move, he moves you move, he moves you move and when he moves and you don’t move he stops, GOd is waiting on us to make a move. What you folks are doing is a great big move and I believe all believers should make some kind of move that shows GOD we are in to win it. You know it occurred to me that as crazy as muslim extremists can be that they will spend four years going to flight school everyday just so they can spend 15 minutes in an airplane to DIE for their god, and we as Christians won’t even open our mouths to evangelize our GOD, it’s no wonder they are taking over the world.

    Keep up the good work and ask one person a day “In your personal opinion what do you think it takes to go to heaven when you die? This will tell you whether or not that person is saved. If all believers would ask one person a day this question we could turn the numbers around in no time and GOD would move on our behalf.



  48. Jim Slack Says:

    I’m so tired of traditional church. Is there a good new-testament style home church in Oklahoma City?

  49. thebigpicmin Says:

    I totally agree with your assessment of todays unbiblical Pastors. Here’ls an excerpt from my Pastoral Virus post:

    This quote helps us to understand the Pastoral Virus. I’m not certain that it is correct, but it is very much worth considering:


    “With scripture mixed with the teachings of men …. is True evil accomplished …for true evil …is evil masked in good.”

    Pastor’s have an evil seed in their souls, this deception about their role. This seed has taken root and causes much destruction. This destruction will continue thru a Pastor’s career until they start really seeking and listening God; until they really start seeking the Truth. This virus blinds them from seeing their sin (the pride selfishness and greed and it’s consequences). They can not see that they are stealing form God’s flock. They can not see the death and destruction that this causes.

    If they were truly seeking God, seeking his will, building on his word, following his Holy Spirit they would know that they are sinning, they could see the devastation of their work and they would repent. Unfortunately the are relying more on what their teacher told them, than on what God’s Word and his Holy Spirt are trying to tell them. Remember All scripture, not just the easy parts, is God Breathed and good for rebuking correcting…

    What’s Really Going on?

    Today’s Pastors have been given a corrupt view of their roles in the church. They’ve totally lost the concept of the leader as the slave. They’ve ignored Paul’s tentmaker example in favor of a paid priesthood. They’ve abandoned the believer gathering command in 1 Cor 14 along with its warnings. They’ve never followed Jesus example of washing the feet of those he led.

    Full Article:

  50. Steve McCalip Says:

    I really like what I’m seeing and reading so far. I can feel the Lord Jesus working on my heart in a few areas that I know need work. What’s even more exciting is knowing that the Lord Jesus has brought me through some personal suffering, and I’m beginning to see his reasons for doing so, and it is connected to lack of fellowship with others because of some personal pet doctrines. It took the loss of a great friend’s fellowship to see what I needed to change. I believe the Lord will use the home church in many new exciting ways. I want to edify the body, my brethren. I want to lay down my life for the brethren, to learn to esteem others higher than myself. I want to be changed into the full stature of man Christ Jesus wants. The home church is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of but could not find a good one in the Houston area. Pray to the Lord Jesus, Terry, that this is God’s will for me brother. I sure hope it is. I appreciate all you do and hope I can help in many ways. The Lord is so good, isn’t he? He knows what we need more than we do and knows how to bring it to pass. Amen and Amen.

  51. Brett Says:

    We started a home church 11 weeks ago in Naples, Florida, a new testament church based strictly on the word of God. There are 810 homeless children in our county alone, the church I attended was over 100,000 square feet under roof and would not condsider letting any of these children sleep under their roof at night. I felt as if the Holy Spirit could not be present for this very reason. how could you lock Gods babies out during the week and then summon the Holy Spirit on the weekend because you started service. George Barrna estimates 75 million Americans have left the church in the last couple of years, the reason, the Holy Spirit has left the church. This is why the bands are getting bigger and the lighting shows and the churches are getting bigger the entire production is getting bigger, this is proof that the Holy Spirit is there they will tell you, and all it means is that they have a lot of debt. Now they send out letters to their flock and compell them to join their journey and commit to how much will you tithe over the next three years toward our 13 million debt so “YOU” can worship here debt free. This is the scam that they are running and all the while who’s name are they using to pull this scam off? GOD. This is why I had to leave and this is why I encourage all of you to take a very hard look at there very own church. God is going to hold each and everyone responsible for what we have done for him. We are not going to be able to say well I gave 50 dollars a week to the church and I think they fed the poor or gave shelter to the homeless, that will not fly. He is going to ask you what have you done?
    May God himself Be With You
    If you are in SW Florida Join Us
    Brett Davis 239-877-7116

  52. Tom Lamb Says:

    Some good stuff here in regards to the NT church in the home. Blessings from New Zealand.

    • Joe Daino Says:

      I was given a chart of New testament giving scriptures which puts to rest any all questions about this subject and how the true Home Churchs of the first century functioned. If you would like I can fwd. you a copy. In Christ Love/purpose Joe
      PS please request New Testament Giving

  53. Marilyn Rose Says:

    I have just had my LAST encounter with organized religion. That “square peg in a round hole” comment above was exactly what I told someone else earlier today. I am SO done with that! No church, in over 20 years, has accomodated my children, several of whom have special needs. They can’t be put into a regular classroom–they’d never benefit, or fit in. I know we can’t be the only family in central Florida sitting home every week amidst what has to be THOUSANDS of churches in this state! Most of them have loud, “Yay God” “contemporary” worship, coffee houses, ministries to the gay and divorced, and other trendy options. But my kids have been left out, over and over again. I’m just so disgusted that today I finally decided the time had come. I spoke to my husband, and he agreed–time to start a home church, focusing on a ministry to families with children/teens/adults who have special needs. We will be holding Saturday (Sabbath) afternoon services, twice a month, in our home. Now we just have to figure out what direction our home church should take, and hope that others want what we are offering.

  54. Brett Davis Says:

    The Holy Spirit has figured this out for you and we did the same thing you are doing about four months ago. Your eyes have been opened and although it may be tough sledding at times and you may feel an outcast, just remember that we are outcast. If you do not feel like an outcast then we must be doing something wrong. Jesus said that if we are fitting in with the world then there must be a problem, the world is not supposed to like us, doesn’t it seem as though the church and the world seem to get along perfectly these days? That is a problem, Jesus is God, Matthew 7:13-14 those two/one seem as if they know that only a few are ever going to find the narrow road, even if the mega church of today keeps telling millions they have found it, look around at the road signs and if everybody around you is doing the same thing you are doing then I would say you haven’t found the narrow road, Jesus said, only a few will find that narrow road, that other road is the wide road and it will be the busy road. Hence the home church may not be that busy, but neither is the narrow road.

    Stay Strong and God Bless You,

    Brett Davis, Servant

  55. Barb Says:

    I have been a part of the spirit filled church for the last 18 years and God recently gave me the revelation about tithing being old testament. It has made me really angry about the church as a whole and how they manipulate the people to get money. I have a hard time going to church now although I have not officially left. This home church thing keeps coming to my mind and I keep hearing about people who have started home churches. It is scary for me to think of not being in the traditional church setting. I am fed up with these man-made institutions that call themselves churches. It is nothing but a busines and the pastor is the ceo of the company. It is disgusting! I have been reading for hours about home churches on the internet and that is how I found this blog. I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. It has helped me to see that I am not crazy about thinking about going to a home church or starting one.

    In His Service,
    Barb Arciola

  56. Joe Daino Says:

    Barb, In regards to your question about what pleases God in our “Giving to the Church / Body of Christ” I have a simple Chart with all the New Testament giving scriptures and would be happy to email it to you. It will put to rest any and all questions on this subject. It reflects the true heart / will of God for HIS people. My email address is jotogo4@gmail.com .
    PS Will gladly send this Chart to any and all who desire the same , request “New Testament Giving in a single Chart”

  57. Janeen Says:

    God has been drawing my husband and I to the idea of home church for many years–although at present we are part of a large local congregation–we feel there are many lost souls in our community, who desperately need Jesus, but would never step foot in a “traditional” church OR are so entrenched in their tradition of organized religion–they don’t even realize they CAN have a personal relationship with jesus Christ. So many people have been “burnt” by the church–even mentioning the word is a turn off. We just want to share the love of Christ, open up His word, worship Him in Spirit and Truth without all the hoopla and politics and Elder Boards.
    BUT… THIS is kind of scary! Where on earth do we begin—?This website has been a huge help, letting us know we are not crazy or rebelious…just seeking the Lord in 2009! Wanting to be effective for His Kingdom.
    We live in Westchester County, New York..anyone close by??
    We are seeking the Lord as to next steps

    • Arch Says:

      Please call me at 317-501-5039. You are far from crazy. God is doing this all across the world. Let us help you.

  58. Barb Says:

    Hi Janeen! Thanks for your reply. I still am praying about what to do. I haven’t been to church in about a month and it feels weird. I miss church but I am so tired of the plug for money. I am asking God for wisdom and I know He will guide me. It is a very uncomfortable time in my life because I am not sure what the next step to take. I don’t want to do anything that is not God’s will so I am waiting to hear from the Lord.

    • Arch Says:

      Where is home for you so that we can help. Please call us at 317-501-5039 or email arch@ourhomechurch.org.
      Love Arch

    • Janeen Says:

      Barb-thanks for your reply to my reply!–I feel somewhat uncomfortable, too–but God is doing amazing things..baby steps–He is creating these opportunities for me to open my home, reach out to neighbors as never before–It seems almost as if He is showing me we already have the makings for a home church,,,I just never thought of it that way—I prayed with my neighbor recently on her front stoop (her mother is very ill)–I invited a teen girl in for tea this afternoon, and my daughter and I were able to minister to her, share our faith–it was amazing…THIS is home church foundation, don’t you think?
      I’m not sure about setting up a formal meeting time…Everyone is SO busy–but I know God is able–I’m waiting on Him too

  59. Brett Davis Says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I want you to stop your worrying and be thankful that the LORD has called you out. Please go to 2 Timothy 4:3-4 and see if you think this has any bearing on the way you are feeling. There are a lot of people who feel the way you do, you are not crazy. You are being called out by GOD himself for a greater work. You are not being filled by the HOLY SPIRIT where you are because the HOLY SPIRIT is not there. If you are among those of us who believe we are living in the last days of the church age then you must believe that we are in the Ladociea church age. This means that the church, both the church (the body of Christ) and the Building (Institution) are neither cold, nor hot, they are according to JESUS lukewarm. According to JESUS that means he will VOMIT them from his mouth. If those people inside the church are not loving and caring then the HOLY SPIRIT is grieved and I believe the HOLY SPIRIT is grieved. This means that when you go to church the music gets luder and louder and the lights keep getting brighter and fancier and all of this is to make up for the fact that there is something missing. If the HOLY SPIRIT is missing I’ll let you decide what is missing. JESUS gave up his life for his bride and it is all you can do to get one of todays sheperds to give up a lunch date to even hear one of the flocks problems let alone die for them. THIS IS THE LADOCIEA CHURCH AGE. Ladies you are very special because God called you out and wants to use you. Just start your own home church and he will do the rest. He told the disciples to GO, the church wants the lost to come. That is why you left because you cannot sit and wait any longer you have to GO. He called YOU out before he calls YOu up.

    May He richly Bless You,


    • Janeen Says:

      Brett–thank you for your reply. I will read the Timothy passage. I don’t want to get caught up in the details–but when you say “just start your own home church”–How does that look—who comes, where when how? When you said in the blog above, that you started a home church 11 weeks ago—how did it look?? who was there?–Just curious–I need to “flesh” this thing out, if I may be so bold! Thanks for your input

  60. Marilyn Says:

    Brett, every time you post, I love what you have to say! It is so right to the point and relevant and honest and true! The last line in your post just above this one says it so well–He called you out before He calls you UP! YES. That’s IT. We have all been called out. I remember when speaking to some Mormon missionaries a long time ago, they were telling me the story of how their church started. They claim that Joseph Smith was told by God, when he asked which church to join–“Join none of these”. That’s when he started the Mormon church. Well, since that time, those words have been ringing within me, only not in the same context those missionaries intended! Join none of these. Good grief, that’s IT! How could I have missed it? I will join none of these! 🙂

  61. Brett Davis Says:

    Janeen, God is all about the details, there is no gray area with GOD. There is a reason He is so ready to Vomit the church out of His mouth. If you read Revelation 3:15-16 you will see that the church you just left pr are in the middle of leaving has some problem in God’s eyes and now in your eyes. YOU want to make sure that when you follow God’s calling and do what he asks that you dDO NOT end up getting right back into the same boat a year or two later as they are in now. I would suggest that the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to make a list of what are the things that really turned you off in your church, PRAY about it. The answers are right there in front of you, you and those close to you have most likely been talking about them for quite some time.

    Then once you have decided we will never become COLD, LUKEWARM, only HOT and on fire for the ONE who laid down his life for US. then you open up your home at a set time each week and you worship the LORD. you tell everybody that you know what you are doing and you do it. If you would like to know just how I did it along with my wife and two children over 4 months ago then please feel free to call me at 239-877-7116. Just remember JESUS said that where two are gathered in my name their I’ll be. Do not make it about the numbers, that is what is wrong with the church of today. If the ONE that matters shows up then the thing you feel that has been missing that caused you to leave in the first place will be back and your problem will be solved. Then others will follow. GOD doesn’t do anything for nothing, the question is are you going to trust him right now. I promise you one thing. He will not call the church building up in the sky when He comes for the Rapture. My heart crys for you and so many just like you right now because you feel forsaken by the one place you should never feel forsaken by, but God saw this comin and he’s trying to do a greater work in you, and to fill that void that the church institution is is leaving.


    Brett Davis

  62. Orlan McCall Says:

    Hello, my name is Orlan.

    Before I submit a request I would like to tell you a bit about myself and some info to help you get the idea where I am coming from. In my search for a home church fellowship, I have used the internet to contact individuals regarding information in locating house church. I have come out of the standard “institutionalized” church of our day and am interested in finding a home fellowship that has the revelation and vision beyond the typical institutional church. I want to go beyond the “organized” religion that seems to be the “norm” of our generation. I am not interested in organized, denominational churches. I have had enough of the typical “position-ism that goes along with it. I have started to become a bit frustrated in that those that I have contacted via the internet in my home church search have affirmed to me that they are this type of church and when I go to meet them I come to find out that they are no more than the typical “rule-mongering” order of denomination genre. I don’t mean to be too negative here but I simply want to emphasize that I am looking for a home fellowship that has the vision and organization of groups similar to that illustrated in the books “God’s Ultimate Passion” by Frank Viola and David Dyer’s book “The One True Church”. If anyone out there can help me find such a fellowship close to home please respond. I have recently moved here to Naples and me and my wife live out on Desoto Blvd. Does anyone know where I can go?

  63. Ana Says:


    I stumbled across this website while trying to find information on starting a home church. I am 45 years old and have been in church all my life. However the last 3-4 years I’ve found myself moving further and further away from traditional church. Instead of attending church every Sunday, I started attending every other Sunday, now it’s down to once a month. One Sunday I got dressed, drove about 45 minutes to my church and sat in the car the entire service. I couldn’t bring myself to go in. It scared me at first, because I thought I was losing my love for God. But then I realized, I love God now more than ever, so why didn’t I want to go to church anymore? Now I know. I didn’t see what was being taught in the church exhibited in the people’s behavior. I watched people fill the church Sunda after Sunday. They screamed, they shouted and praised God for hours; Then you see them in the mall the next day and they won’t even speak to you. This includes the pastor and his wife. Then there are too many heads in the church, too many people in charge. And sadly, they’re not running it God’s way. They say Jesus is the head of the church but in actuality, they are, it’s their empire. It’s all about who has the biggest church building, who has the most members, and who can get the most money out of the people. This isn’t what Christianity is about. I’m not putting churches down. Everything I know about Jesus, I learned from the church and I think God for it. But I need something more now. I need to put what I’ve learned into action, and I can’t do that in the traditional church. I need to be free to be what Christianity is all about. I have no money, I’m not ordained, and I’m no bible scholar. But I have a home and I love Jesus, I think that’s enough!

    • Janeen Says:

      Ana..I agree with all that you’ve said here. I am in the same position. I have a house, I live in a community that desperatly needs Christ…period. I am waiting upon the Lord for next steps..I am reading alot of recommended materials on “home church”–which I find very supportive and helpful…confirming what God is telling me…It’s very exciting! I want to be careful, though, not to become bitter. As you say, I have learned so much from the churches I have been involved with over the years–I am not angry at them…God is just moving me on in this season..and I am willing to trust Him and obey…let’s keep in touch as wee learn ….seek God together

    • Orlan McCall Says:


      Very well put!! I have been a Christian for 20 yrs and I find the exact circumstances you illustrate to be exactly what I have been through. I thank Jesus as well for all he as done for me through the Institutional Church but now I see something more and I am ready to move on.
      On that note, I noticed you say that you are starting a house church. I am a home owner as well here in Naples. Is that the area you are starting the home fellowship in? If so I am interested in getting involved. I sing and play the guitar (which I have a desire to use that talent for Jesus) and am quite ready to bible study. Please reply if this is something you could see a direction to?@

  64. Marilyn Says:

    I believe that is enough. 🙂 That’s all I have, too–a desire to worship God, but not in a church setting. I totally agree with all the people being nice on Sunday, but not throughout the week, in public. I have seen it so many times myself–yes, including with clergypersons. UGH. It is discouraging. But here we all are, thinking the same way. Too bad we don’t all live next door to one another. Imagine that home church! 🙂

  65. Brett Davis Says:

    Marilyn, Ana, Janeen,
    Hello from Brett Davis in Naples, Florida. I want to let you know first and foremost that the HOLY SPIRIT is the author of all of these increidble feelings that each one of YOU are feeling. I would love for each of You to ask yourselves a question: Do YOU honestly believe that when You were inside your respective church buildings that you were hated by the outside WORLD? or perhaps maybe the doors to the church institution as we have came to know it today have swung so wide open that the WORLD has infiltrated the church and the church institution has became the WORLD. In otherwords the church has conformed to the WORLD. I cannot begin to tell You how sad it maked me that this has happened to OUR churches. JESUS died for US though and not these brick and mortar buildings and now GOD has called each and everyone of You out through the HOLY SPIRIT for a higher calling, and You should be thanking HIM that HE didn’t leave YOU behind in that institutional site that HE Himself called lukewarm almost 2,000 years ago. It is our job to stay on FIRE and WE will be blessed, WE need to stick to the scriptures and forget about who has what degree and who doesn’t. The HOLY SPIRIT has all of the Knowledge any of us will ever need and if We ask HIM HE TRUST HIM HE will allow us to GROW daily in HIS GRACE and KNOWLEDGE DAILY. HE didn’t call YOU out for YOU to be LEFT OUT, HE called YOU out so that YOU could be of GREATER service to the KINGDOM, HIS KINGDOM. NOT the KINGDOM of MAN. ALL of these Years YOU have been working for HIM and benefitting those who have placed themselves at the top of the foodchain over everybody else. Well, JESUS CHRIST is tired of that and HE placed this feeling inside of YOU ALL though HIS HOLY SPIRIT and that should make YOU all fell very special because YOU know that HE is alive and WELL in each one of YOU and now HE has sanctified you (set you apart for jis sacred use). There is no place in the body of CHRIST for feelings of spiritual superiority, because spiritual gifts are not earned- just received. Nor is there room for feelings of spiritual inferiority since we are all equally important to JESUS and vital to HIS ministry through the church regardless of what our gifts might be. JESUS CHRIST prayed right before HE was arrested, HE prayed for US, future believers, me and YOU and He prayed that we would be one so that the WORLD would believe that GOD his father and ours sent HIM. Well, there are over 33,800 denominations in the U.S. alone right now. That is not what He asked his Father for on that hoffible night right before they came to get HIM and nail Him to a TREE. JESUS CHRIST CRUCIFIED for SALVATION is the only answer for a LOST WORLD and all of the stuff that separates us is for the BIRDS. YOU ladies are doing the RIGHT thing, YOu DO NOT need any degree, just a heart for GO, A BIBLE and the HOLY SPIRIT. Commit your works to the LORD and LISTEN for HIM and forget what man has perverted and keep one thing in mind. If YOU wer stranded on a desert island and all YOU ever had was the BIBLE in YOUR hand and nothing that man had EVER, EVER taught YOU about fellowship, or worship, WHAT does the BIBLE tell YOU TO DO???????????????

    May the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Richly Bless You All,

    Brett Davis

  66. Orlan McCall Says:


    Very well stated!! I noticed you are in the Naples area. Is there a home fellowship that you can help me find. I recently relocated here to Naples and my wife and I do not have a place to fellowship and we are wanting to go the home church direction. Thanks

  67. Brett Davis Says:

    We have a home fellowship and we would absolutely love to have you and your wife join us. We do not have a bunch of rules, we just started about 5 months ago or lesss and I believe it is truly one of the BEST things GOD has ever done in our lives. The difference that we see in the lives of those fellowhip with us is what we love the most. GOD had this in mind when HE sent His one and only Son to die for us sinners. He wanted us to be ONE with each other, and I mean ONE. If YOU are hurting then I’m hurting and so are the others who attend here and that is what we are building and it isn’t because we are trying. It is because of the LOVE of the Father. WOW it is awesome. Call me at 239-877-7116 anytime brother I would love to talk with you.

    Brett Davis/servant

  68. Orlan McCall Says:


    This is awesome!! I can’t believe I have finally made contact with you brother, that is actually in House Church in my vicinity! We’ve resided in the Fort Lauderdale area for a long time. I attended another group there but it disbanded and I could never really find another group that was similar (as stated in my original post). I will call you Bro! Thanks.

    Orlan McCall

  69. Marilyn Says:

    Okay, now I’m jealous. 🙂 If there is anyone in the Orlando-south Lake county area who is interested in meeting, please let me know. Thank you! Marilyn

  70. Brett Davis Says:

    We are getting together Sunday at 5PM if you would like to join us. Bring your guitar and anybody else who loves the Lord and we will do what we are made to do. Glorify God.


  71. josep Says:

    They were a home centred community. They used their homes for fellowship. Their renewed life-style released time for intimate fellowship. Act.2:42-47, 16:15. “Breaking bread from house to house.” A Christian group dedicated to release time, so they can use their homes as centres of intimate fellowship, will soon experience a heightened sense of oneness. Regular small group meetings, teas, coffee mornings, intimate prayer times, occasional visits, etc., all help to develop a sense of community

    They were a spiritual community. “They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayers”… “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts… praising God”, Acts 2. Again, a dedicated group can develop effective patterns of prayer, Bible study, worship….

    They were a caring community. “There was not a needy person among them,” cf. Act.6:11. They used whatever resources were necessary to meet the needs of their church community. A committed people of God, will find themselves well able to meet the needs of fellow church members, e.g. establishing a Christian school to counter the secularizing influences of Public Education upon the children of the church family, Rom.12:2. Unemployment relief for a church member. Practical aid to widows, etc……..

  72. josep Says:

    They were a sharing community. They shared their resources. Act.2:43-47, 4:32-37, 5:1-11, 6:1-7. They didn’t just give of their surplus income, in fact, they dipped into capital reserves, selling property to aid the needy. This doesn’t mean that everyone donated everything. Private property was still owned by church members (homes, businesses…) – sharing was voluntary. Yet, the church members freely gave to meet any need. They happily gave up their rights to private property for the kingdom. “No one said that any of the things which he possessed was his own.” The Jerusalem church was doing nothing more than continuing the pattern of economic sharing practised by Jesus. He and his disciples had a common purse, Jn.13:29. They shared financial resources, Lk.8:1-3. The economic resources of the entire Christian community was available to any disciple in a time of need, or in their service to the Lord, Mk.10:29-30. A Christian group today, enthusiastically living out a simple life-style, is well able to release substantial funds for the common use of the fellowship in the service of the Lord.

  73. josep Says:

    Matt. 25:31-46
    Come you who are blessed by my Father, take your
    inheritance, the Kingdom prepared for you since the creation
    of the world, for I was hungry and you gave me something to
    eat, thirsty and you gave me something to drink, a stranger
    and you invited me in (etc.)…..

    • Acts 4:32-35
    All the believers were ONE in
    heart. They shared everything they
    had. Money distributed to anyone
    as they had need. No more poor
    among them.
    • Romans 12:13
    Share with Gods people who are in
    need. Practice hospitality.
    • Eph. 4:25-28
    For we are all members on ONE
    body. Work that you may have
    something to share with those in
    • Acts 11:29
    Disciples each according to his
    ability decided to provide help for
    the brothers in Judea.
    • Gal. 2:10
    We should continue to remember
    the poor.
    • Matt. 6:2
    So when you give to the needy, do
    not announce it with trumpets.
    • Heb. 13:15-16
    Do not forget to do good and share
    with others, for with such sacrifices
    God is pleased.
    • I John 3:17
    If anyone has material possessions
    and sees his brother in need, HOW
    • I Cor. 16:1-2
    Concerning the collections for Gods
    people, each one of you should set
    aside a sum of money in keeping
    with his income every week.
    • Rom. 15:25-33
    Macedonia and Achaia, please to
    make contributions for the poor
    among the saints in Jerusalem.
    • Luke 12:33-34
    Sell your possessions, give to the
    poor, for where your treasures are,
    there your heart will be also.
    • Acts 2:42-47
    Believers sold their possessions and
    goods, they gave to anyone as he
    had need.
    • II Cor. 9:6-15
    God Loves a cheerful giver,
    supplying the needs of Gods people
    in many expressions of thanks to
    • I John 3:16
    LOVE IS; Jesus Christ laid down
    His life for us, and we ought to lay
    down our lives for our brothers. If
    anyone has material possessions
    and sees his brother in need and has
    no pity on him, HOW CAN THE
    Holy Spirit

  74. thebigpicmin Says:

    Josep’s passages (directly above) are so right on for where we are now. We need to forget about the past and press on to the Goal!

    Pressing toward the Goal
    12 I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me. 13 No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it,[d] but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.
    15 Let all who are spiritually mature agree on these things. If you disagree on some point, I believe God will make it plain to you. 16 But we must hold on to the progress we have already made.
    17 Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine, and learn from those who follow our example. 18 For I have told you often before, and I say it again with tears in my eyes, that there are many whose conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ. 19 They are headed for destruction. Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and they think only about this life here on earth.

    Though I am convined that our focus should be on the future, we really need to understand what is going on in at today’s western churches. I believe this pertains to all “Pewsitter Pastor” churches [Including Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, Charismatic, …] Look at verse 17 again. The teachers who don’t follow Paul’s example are enemies of the cross and headed for destruction!

    Did Paul accept pay for preaching?

    Did Paul preach wise sounding sermons?

    Did Jesus Lord over his followers?

    What is Jesus’ description of a good shepherd?

    Pls keep pressing on to the Goal!
    God Bless,

  75. Ana Says:

    Greetings Everyone,

    I’ve been away for awhile so I’m just reading your responses to the comments I left. Janeen, I will gladly stay in touch with you. I love what you said about trusting and obeying God. Obedience is the key. I think most of us trust him, but we don’t all obey. It’s foolish to seek Gods wisdom if we aren’t going to obey his instructions. Nothing changes until we do. Orlan, unfortunately I don’t live in the Naples area. I actually live in Virginia, a long way from most of you all. I’m sure there must be Home Churches in your area, but if there aren’t, you can start one. Regardless of what you choose to do, don’t let your musical gifts go to waste. Use them to worship the Lord. Brett thank you for your encouraging words. You are so right, the world has moved into the church. The churches of today seem to all be about money, just like the world. A local church I was attending has recently started accepting online memberships. You don’t even have to meet anymore. Just go on their website, sign up and mail in your tithes. It’s so sad. There’s a church on every corner in this country, yet it’s one of the most sinful countries in the world. Why? Because we’re not being the Christians God has called us to be. A Christian is a Christ Like One, or one who acts like Christ. But the average Christian doesn’t act like Christ. Most are no different than the world. Why should the world follow us if we’re acting just like them. What examples are we setting? God needs some true Christians in the earth and I’m ready to be his soldier. Won’t you all join me!!!!!! Marilyn, we may not all live right next door to one another, but we’re all connected in spirit and in truth. I look forward to blogging with you all again. God bless you all and let’s go to war for Jesus!

    • Janeen Says:

      Ana..thank you so much for your comments. I needed them this morning. I am feeling a bit “wobbly in the knees” as my husband and I pray and discuss the calling of starting a home church. I have so many questions. I am reading many sources (Frank Viola, Terry Stanleys’ books…) It just seems so “needed”, yet “impossible” in my community-YET, I KNOW that God is a God of the impossible–I have no doubt that He could raise up a organic community right here. Leaving the traditional church is daunting, as we are both leaders in ministries–but when God opens your eyes–you just can’t go back to blindness. We must stay sweet during this transition..not angry, bitter.
      One step at a time, God is leading us….He will make the path clear

  76. Brett Davis Says:

    Anna, Janeen,
    I want to share a something with you that I believe will change your lives for Jesus and I think it is so simple that you aren’t going to believe it. As Christians we have established the words of the devil on this planet, this is GODS earth and we have established the wrong word on earth. For example: I’m sick and tired, well what is the world? My blood pressure’s high, I have cancer, I have diabetes, Cancer runs in my family, diabetes runs in my family, high blood pressure runs in my family, baldness runs in my family, heart disease runs in my family, everybody in my family dies early, Everybody is sick and everybody is tired. I am so tired of “”” and I’m so sick of”””” I hate this and I hate that, Your so stupid, they are so stupid, He is retarded, I feel a cold coming on, I feel a flu coming on, I almost had a heart attack, That gave me a heart attack, that burns me up. You moron, You idiot, I’ll be dead in 5 years, I’ll be lucky to make it another 5 years, I’ll kill him if he does, I don’t know, I don’t care, I’m overwhelmed, What am I going to do,
    These are not the Words of GOD and yet these are the everyday words that most all Christians are using. God said that my word will NOT return to me void. You know the sad part? His word id not returning to Him at all, the word of the evil one is the only word that is returning to Him. I want to make a pact with all of the followers on this blog that from this very day forward that WE TOGETHER are going to change the WORD that is SPOKEN ON GODS PLANET. WE TOGETHER are going to take JESUS CHRIST UP ON HIS OFFER.

    HE SAID in MARK 9:23 Why do you say if you can? Anything is possible for someone who has faith

    Mark 11:23 If you have faith in GOD and don’t doubt YOU CAN TELL this mountain to get up and jump into the sea, and it will
    He is telling us that we, His follower can have anything He means anything and He is not a liar folks HE means anything at all He DID NOT PUT ANY LIMITS ON HERE.

    Jesus is telling us that if we can have what we say, and the problem with Christians is we are saying what we have. Think hard and long about what I just said. This is life changing stuff right here for all of us. Gods Word never returns void to him, the problem is it never returns to HIM.
    I want all of us on this blog to change that from now on and only speak GODS WORDS back to HIM. He gave us His Word to teach us how to think.
    Romans 10:27 Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of GOD.
    You can only have faith if you read the Word of God, then you need to hear that same Word of God coming out of YOUR own Mouth. God never does anything without saying it first, Jesus never prayed the situation He prayed the answer, We need to speak what GOD said and not what the world/enemy says.
    John 14:12 Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.
    If YOU truly believe in JESUS then ask yourslef a serious question? Have you done anything close to what JESUS did when He was on earth? I know I haven’t YET. The only reason is because WE TOGETHER have established the words of the enemy.


  77. josep Says:

    Above blog ; one sentence,………………….”As a man thinketh so is he”

  78. Rick Kile Says:

    Hi everyone, You have all posted great information and I have so blessed by this site words can’t describe. I have been contemplating a home church for years and just these past few months even more so. I see so many things in traditional modern churches being done that are so contrary to the NT church we see throughout the book of Acts. I would like to invite anyone in the Bakersfield, Ca area to contact me that may be interested in becoming part of a fresh new work with the sole purpose to grow in Christ and grow in unity with one another. Breaking bread, studying the scriptures, worshipping and praying together and then reaching out to the lost in our area. I would love to see this work begin so please if you are in my neck of the woods email me: christian4truth@yahoo.com

    God Bless you all,

  79. Ana Williams Says:

    Found this on the web about pastors. Very powerful!

    Fleecing the Flock

    Dear Father,

    It’s Good Friday (Scripture N/A) and time to prepare my sermon for this coming Sunday. …Butt, before I do that I›d like to go over last Sunday’s service with You and point out some things I hope You didn’t miss!

    Did You notice how good I looked when I took the chief seat in the uppermost room? Never mind that Jesus Christ told us not to do that (Mark 12:38-39). How am I supposed to PREACH if they don’t look up to me? Of course Jesus said we›re all brothers and equal in Your eyes, and no one has Lordship over another (Mark 10:42-43, Galatians 3:28). …Butt, remember how I arrived with the Bible in my hand and held it up for them to see, it upheld my place and put them in their place – right?

    Then I loudly proclaimed that this building they bought was The House of God. Never mind that You said You don’t dwell in houses made with hands (Acts 7:48, Acts 17:24). They don’t believe that either or they wouldn’t be here! Now really, after seeing this glorious building with it’s stained glass windows, beautiful flowers, lovely music, air conditioning and every one dressed in their Sunday best sitting in these comfortable pews (please don’t say PEEEEEUUUUU), do You really believe they are going to go into their own closet – shut the door and pray to You, in secret no less (Matthew 6:6)?

    We have carefully taught them differently through the years and we have done well! Look at the thousands upon thousands who are going to church every Sunday and some even on Saturday! You know where You said «God added to the church daily as many as should be saved (Acts 2:47)?» We›ve taken that honor upon ourselves – of course not daily – just one day a week – and we only add those who become members; they must believe what we say and commit to giving us their money.

    Even though they were first called Christians at Antioch (Acts 11:26), we›ve given ourselves a new denominational name. The name of Jesus Christ just isn’t popular right now and we don’t want to offend any prospective members! …Butt, we still claim him as our Lord and Savior, and You as our Father, You know obedience is our byword!

    I hope You especially noticed how I humbled myself and even came down from my Chief Seat and prayed for them? I know, I know – Jesus said not to pray in public to be seen and heard of men (Matthew 6:5), …Butt, they do ask for it, and we›ve got to keep them out of those prayer closets, surely You can understand that? Public prayer keeps us humble too, we come down from our High Place and pray with them and for them! God forbid that they ever learn that «there is only one mediator between God and man – the man Christ Jesus…» 1 Timothy 2:5 and that Jesus and You will come and abide in their own houses (John 14:23), and that they can speak for themselves to You at ANY TIME – through Him. You›re both there!!!

    Now as to the offerings, have You noticed that not one of them has ever taken the time to learn from You or figure out that the Gentiles were never under the Law of Moses or the Law of the Tithe (Romans 2:14, Romans 8:2, Romans 10:4)! You even said, «may your money perish with you who think that you can purchase the gift of God.» Acts 8:20 …Butt, you can see we›ve even put Your name right on our money, it says In God We Trust, we›ve really honored You there! So as we are Fleecing the Flock (2 Peter 2:1-3) who’s really to blame, us or them?

    Jesus said not to make Your house a house of merchandise (John 2:16), selling books, tapes, CD’s and DVD’s …Butt, THEY BUY THEM! Of course we add to and take away from Your Word as we please (Revelation 22:18-19), it makes it so much more useful! Just look at all the Christian stores, they›re doing a VERY profitable business selling your Word figuratively just as Judas sold Him physically (Mark 14:11).

    So Father, these are perilous times for us, as there are some freaks out there (notice I didn’t say Jesus Freaks, as some do) …Butt, they are beginning to read, study and pray for themselves at home, or with others in their homes, and our fear is that they might find the Truth and be made free as Jesus said they would (John 8:32)!!! Our livelihood is in danger!!! Our beautiful buildings could end up as Your temple did… (Luke 21:5-6)

    Please Father, as I prepare my Sunday Sermon, keep my feet from stumbling onto any of these truths and keep my mouth from uttering anything that could cost me my Chief Seat and I Pray that these The Fleeced Flock of Men may never hear the Truth of Jesus and You as One in them (John 17:21) – that would leave me OUT – You and Jesus would have my PLACE!

    I am truly the servant of all the denominations of men,

    Your Pastor

  80. Rick Kile Says:

    Very powerful story! I would say extreme is some senses, but overall quite true. I love the home church movement, but I also do believe that mainstream “church” is fruitful and God uses those fellowships to further the gospel and His kingdom. All in all though if pastors were less interested in attendance and more about serving we would see some serious changes in the traditional church today.

  81. carolyn smolij Says:

    Finally, I have found others that are likeminded. Yes, we are the Church,the Bride of Christ, those called out. It is not the building, the acitivity, what we do at a specific I am going to fellowship at….., or where do you fellowship? Instead of saying “going to church, or what church do you go to?” I also don’t say” I belong to a church, but I belong to the Body of Christ”. I am in fellowship with several groups( (denominations: meaning, divided nations) and don’t consider any my home. The Church, The Bride, A Holy Nation, etc..that is my home. I am committed to Christ and His Followers, not a single group, denomination or fellowship. I do have mentors that hold me accountable, which I know is needful in my journey. Does anyone understand what I am saying?…
    I would like to dialog with those that love the Body of Christ and want to take in all of it’s richness.

    • Janeen Says:

      I loved reading your blog entry–I agree with you completely and I am moving in that direction although we are still part of an institutional church–God is opening our eyes daily–We just want Jesus and more of Him..thats all. I would love to continue to dialogue with you as this transition is FILLED with emothion and often confusing…I don’t want to be bitter..thats important..just free to walk as Christ would have me

  82. Glenn Says:

    I used to think that mainstream churches were like Christian Nursery Schools – a place where the true seeker would eventually graduate from. I now believe that it is more accurate to view them as Voluntary Internment Camps. We so much want to believe we are honoring God while we suffer under these lukewarm leaders, these men who deny Christ by the way they live:


    God Bless

  83. vince Says:

    anyone have any ideas on when starting a home church, what to dowith all the KIDDOS? Ha! We are about to start meeting in a month or so and have almost as many kids as we do adults. A point in a direction would be helpful, or somebody’s own experience. Help?

  84. Brett Davis Says:

    God bless your meetings and all who attend. You are on the right track. When we moved away from the institutional church we had quite a few children, but not under 5 years old. We have them sit right in the service with us, they are after all the future and you will be surprised how much God will allow them to take in a meeting when they do not feel left out or talked over. They will grow to love all of those who attend and feel a part of the proceedings and want to be a part and want to learn. god knows they are His future and He wants them to know about Him. He has a plan to prosper them and give them a hope and a future as well. They can and want to be a part of the program, the problem in the intitutuional church that caused you to lose interest caused them to lose interest as well. I urge you to give them a chance to come into the fold and you will be glad you did.

    In His Love,


  85. Brett Davis Says:

    To all who read this post I’m very sorry my typing I lleft out capitalizing GOD in the 7th line. It was a typing error.

    God Bless,


  86. thebigpicmin Says:

    I’ve just been given a better understanding of what’s going on in today’s churches, I wrote:

    December 21, 2009 I used to think that mainstream churches were like Christian Nursery Schools – a place where the true seeker would eventually graduate from. I now believe that it is more accurate to view them as Voluntary Internment Camps.

    A Branch from David’s Line NLT Is 11:6

    6 In that day the wolf[harlot preacher] and the lamb[Immature true seeker] will live together; the leopard[antichrist preacher] will lie down with the baby goat[false follower-evildoer]. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion[self-ambitous ones], and a little child will lead them all[the humble seeker, those coming to Jesus as a little child].

    Lets look into the what this passage is telling us. The thing to note is who sits down with the leopard, the baby goat. Remember the story of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25:41. The goats were the ones who didn’t help the hungry, the poor or the sick. They are the ones who will be thrown out.

    The lambs, the immature sheep are teamed up with the wolves, these hired hands. The mature sheep are not mentioned. I think that the mature, those knowing the difference between what is good and evil, between what is right and wrong will be able to separate themselves from these fallen teachers. This separation is called out in God’s word.

    The bad news is the ones with the leopards are not lambs they are goats. Those who follow the Antichrist preachers are going to be rejected


    May God Guide Us

  87. Melissa & Charles Clark Says:

    Hello to all! I have loved reading all the posts. We are interested in starting a home church in the south eastern part of Ohio. Caldwell area to be exact. I’m just now starting my research on how to begin this endeavor that Christ is leadin me in. Any suggestions would be greately appreciated.

    In His Love,

  88. Brett Davis Says:

    Move out of Ohio would be my first suggestion. Go to where it is warm year round. Ha! HA! Really though I would just follow the Spirit of God that has been planted in you since you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. He is the one who has led you out of the mainstream church, that tells me that He has a plan for you. Why on earth would you want to listen to another voice now? If you truly believe that He is the one who has called you from the mainstream church then I would challenge you to just go deeper with Him. Just listen to what He is telling you, He is leading you, I see where you said that yourself and there are so few out there that you can trust to listen to. You can trust Him, He has a plan that He wants to implement right now to lead His children home and I am not even sure what it is and i left the mainstream church about a year ago. I do know this, we are to be teaching GRACE and not the law, the finished work on the CROSS that He has done and not what 90% of these churches are teaching. Sinners saved by GRACE is an oxymoron and we need to decide which we are? sinners or saved by GRACE? I know which I am saved by GRACE AMEN teach that and He will bless anything you are doing.
    Immanuel Immanuel

    • Bro Dave Says:

      So good to hear about your new endeavours. I started playing the keyboard about a year ago. I think I’ve made good progress but praying I can internalize the music to play without workbooks. My wife and I started house church early this year. My elderly parents now attend most weeks. We tend to focus on prophetic books but that is because I am hooked into some blogs and websites on end times. I suggest a good study of source material to include outside sources. WikiPedia is actually pretty good for general reference material. Sometimes YouTube video are also a great source of information. Think outside the box. You are not constrained by traditional worship methods. Bro Dave.

  89. Dennis OConnor Says:

    My family and I moved from the Boston area to the Swiss/Italian border a year ago (and out of a wonderful church community), and we have struggled to find a new church community. A couple of Christian friends have suggested started a home church, but I feel like I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Anyone willing to share their experiences and provide some feedback, links, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

  90. Paul Carr Says:


    I currently lead a home church. My question is how do most home churches handle tithes and offerings. Does a home church have to be 501c3 ? Most people would like a tax deduction.

    Paul Carr

  91. Josep Says:

    Paul, A simple one page chart with all New Testament scriptures will be sent to you. Please email me @ jotogo4@gmail.com

  92. Glenn Says:

    I think that this is something that your gatering should address [come to one mind on]. The scriptures warn us that we cannot serve both God and money [Matt6:24]. I don’t believe that offerings were ever intended to be a part of the worship gathering.

    I’d completely throw out the word tiths. Biblical tithes were always food, never money. Jesus as a carpent never paid a tithe. The new testament call is to build treasure in heaven, giving to the poor weak foreigner widow.

    The gathering is authorized by the bible to collect offerings, but they were only for the needy.


    God Bless

  93. Jim Says:

    Hello from Iowa. The incorporated church has turned social club and has lost it’s effectiveness. No local home churches, so starting one myself and God will lead. I just ordered communion supplies so we can continue to remember formally at least once per month.

    Regarding the tithing posting, I agree the tithe teachings of today are not as God intended. There is a great book out there entitled “The Lie of the Tithe”. I do believe in giving to evangelism causes, I personally make Jews for Jesus a priority.

    God bless to all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

  94. Josep Says:

    Hi Jim, May I send you a simple chart based on New Testament giving ?it will surely answer any and all questions concerning this subject. You can send your request to jotogo4@gmail.com.

  95. Judith Drayton Says:

    If we are the church, then why is it necessary to say “home church”. That sounds redundant to me. That is no different from “going to church”. Would anyone care to explain this to me?

  96. Terry Stanley Says:

    We say “home church” because it communicates with people that we are meeting in homes. If we just said “church” people would have all sorts of ideas come to mind ( a building, a religious organization, etc.).

    However, I agree with you that the term is not entirely accurate. There would be no need to make such a distinction if we all had a new testament mindset.

    It would be as though all that were available was polluted water to drink. If someone said, I have “clean drinking water”, then it would identify what kind of drinking water they had. But the truth is, all “drinking water” should be fit to drink anyway.

  97. Bob B. Says:

    What is the purpose of apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and pastors in the new testament church?

  98. Judith Drayton Says:

    I found this information at a web site. As “home church” particpants, you might find it interesting.

    The etymology of the word ‘church’ – its origin and meaning, and how it came to appear in bible-translations

    The roots of the word “church” are as follows. It comes via the Middle English chirche, from the Old English cirice. And then, it is said that cirice in its turn came from the Greek phrase kyriake oikia (κυριακη οικια, kuriakê oikia) which meant “the Lord’s house”. Thus, again, the etymology and evolution of the word “church” is as follows:
    Greek kuriakê oikia (“house of the lord”) → Old English cirice → Middle English chirche → “church”

    That might sound fine at first glance, but let us analyze the phrase kuriakê oikia in more detail, in order to see what and whom it in actual fact pointed to.

    Some have said that the phrase kuriakê oikia “has been in consistent use since the 300s”. That could be, but then one must ask this question: The religious organization that the Roman emperor Constantine de facto founded in the 300s and of which the phrase kuriakê oikia then was used – which kurios (“lord”) did it really serve? Here it is important to know that all the way to his death, Constantine remained a servant of the lord Mithras (Mithra) the sun-god, and, he forced people to worship Mithras. One of Constantine’s last acts was to uphold the rights of the priests of Mithras.

    The point here is that the phrase kuriakê oikia, “lord’s house”, which “has been in consistent use since the 300s”, simply refers to the house of the lord Mithras – Sol Mithras Deus Invictus. In other words: Mithras the sun-god was the lord (kurios, whence the phrase kuriakê oikia) that Emperor Constantine’s religious organization caused people to serve, under the pretence that it all was “Christianity”. And then, Mithras was just another name for the “sun-god” who had many other names as well, one of them being Baal.
    (A note: Even the word baal means “lord”.)

    Those who know a bit more about the true meaning of certain religious symbols, would find and recognize many Mithras-related symbols in an average “house of the lord” that has been built during the past few centuries.

  99. Jaye Lewis Says:

    Hi. My family and I began to meet in our home when I became too ill to attend church services. Then our daughters went on to college, and during that time we sought meaningful study of Scripture. Little by little we found ourselves drawn to this intimate journey through Scripture, together. My health has not improved, and as I became more and more housebound, Sunday home church became more and more purposeful, and we grew as Christians and as a family. We really hated seeing our tithes going for money market accounts, new cars, and add-ons to sacristies that were not needed. Now, we target our offerings to those in need, and in these times their are countless ways that we have been able to give that “cup of water” to those in need within our own community.

    I don’t want to negate the Christians who find meaning in a full fellowship of a Church organization. I would hope they would not denigrate us, as well. After all, it was Christ, himself, who said, “where two or three are gathered together in my Name, I am in the midst.” That’s enough for the four of us.

  100. Glenn Says:

    Great Stuff Judith!!!

    I wonder if today’s churches are “The Church Nourished From The Face Of The Serpent”


    I think that today’s priest class is fhe “Abomination that causes Desecration”. The impurity of the priestclass tarnishes the daily sacrifice, the pure life of submission or Christ’s followers.


    I think that God is telling folks today to “come out of Babylon, My People”


    Does this make sense????

    God Bless

  101. Ken Sauter Says:

    I have a question for those who frequent this site and are part of a home church. I have been very disappointed in how traditional churches deal with singles. By far most singles that I have encountered are looking for a mate, and they don’t get much help from big church. How do home churches deal with singles? There are young singles (big church does OK with these), divorced singles, older singles, and other variations. Do those of you in home churches take an interest in these people or do they even go to home churches?

  102. Brett Davis Says:

    How about forgetting about RULES (LAW) and just making an impact on the world for CHRIST??? Take off the shackles followers and LOVE each other the way we are supposed to do and stop building earthly kingdoms. God knows what each of us need way before we do and all He asks of us is to leave the worrying up to Him and LOVE…..

    I felt the Spirit of the Lord speak to me a couple of weeks ago and He said now you’re getting it. Let loose and make an impact on MY KINGDOM and quit sweating the small stuff. You know like oh I said this, did that, shouldn’t have done this or that, shouldn’t have said this or that, shouldn’t have yelled at my kids, shouldn’t have thought that thought or something stupid that satan likes to keep reminding me of. Just get out here and impact some peoples lives in a good way and let them know it is me working through you to make sure they know I LOVE them and haven’t forgot about them and I will continue to take care of you like I always have.
    Hey if the church isn’t making the singles feel welcome and they aren’t because it’s against the LAW (oF Moses). Well then it’s time for us to remind them that JESUS was single and will remain that way until we marry Him in Heaven in the greatest ceremony of all times and pick up the slack for the big church.
    What I’m trying to say is let’s be doers of the Word and not just hearers. Let’s get out here and take homeless people into our homes, let’s spend our time and money showing the LOST just how much OUR father LOVES them and stop all this rules stuff. I don’t know about you guys but I AM forgiven and He is for me so not even the church can be against me. I am more than a conqueror, He will never leave me or forsake me, He is the strength of my life, He made Jesus to be my wisdom and He makes my crooked path straight, and if that isn’t enough to make us show love to the lost world then there is plenty more where that came from, so go back to the Word and draw on it and let’s get going on showing the LOVE OF CHRIST…

    Brett Davis

  103. Glenn Says:

    I’m sure there are many different ways that home churches deal with singles. I encourage you to just jump in and see where the Lord leads. If you can’t find many gathertings in your area, just go ahead and start some. It doesn’t have to be a weekly thing. Look for opportunities to invite other believers over for supper, or meet at the park, even at a restaurant. Seek the Lord, share, pray, encourage – basically we just need to help each other to learn to live out this new life in Christ.


    We need to meet and commune with Christ


    God Bless

  104. Claire Garner Says:

    Just left my church and I am feeling that it is also an exodus from church as I have known it for over 30 years. Been an active part in worship, leadership, prayer ministry etc…a faithful servant. Now what? Can’t seem to bring myself to “join”any other local church. Looking for a new way, a way that is true to how Jesus established a few to become the catalyst to revival because they had an intimate relationship with Him.
    Have researched organic church via Frank Viola…?? have many many questions and deisre clairity and DO NOT want to enter into anything that has it’s basis in “We are doing it right and they aren’t”

  105. Glenn Says:

    The Spirit that won’t let you join any other local church, that is making you look for “a way that is true” is the God’s Holy Spirit. He will lead you into all truth. Keep listening to his voice! seeking and Honoring him!!

    You probably won’t believe me when I say that today’s worldly churches are the following the beast, not God – that you must get out of that system! There is nothing in the New Testament to justify today’s priest class and their rule over the laity. The Bible describes servant leaders washing the feet [claiming a lower staturs] of the believers

    I believe this worldly Old Testament priest class system is the abomination that stands in the Holy Place, that stands where it should not stand. This priest class abomination spoils the New testament’s daily sacrifice, the Christ followers daily “reasonable act of worship” – offering his life as a living HOLY sacrifice. Rom 12:1-2.

    This is explained at

    May God Bless and Fill You

  106. Claire Garner Says:

    I was so with you up until this comment on your web page:
    “None of today’s church going seekers of Christ are pure and holy.”

  107. Brett Davis Says:

    You are so right that those seeking Christ are not pure and Holy but if you are speaking of those who have found Him then I have to direct you to the scriptures with LOVE. Please go to: Hebrews 10:14
    New International Version (©1984)
    because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.
    New Living Translation (©2007)
    For by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy.
    He has done all the work and our part is to accept it. Our part is to believe it, to tell it to others. The church is spiritually dead today and we keep asking for a revival that will not come until there is someplace for the revived to go and be fed spiritually once they have been revived. How sad that the church has turned from their first love. But that being said we need to be a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. We need to start our own churches with the LOVE of Christ and show the lost the TRUTH of the LOVE of CHRIST. Love is the only answer and the Word says that GOD is LOVE. So let us take the first step and show love…

    God loves You,

    Brett D

    • Claire Garner Says:


      Yes, you are right….what a wonderful mystery it is that Jesus has made us all who believe in Him pure and holy and blamless through His blood!
      I was refering to a quote from Glenn when I wrote that.
      And…Amen to it is all about love! Perfect Love casts out fear…only His love can do this.
      And when we let that love flow through us to this dying world it will cast out their fear of never being accepted by a Holy God.


  108. Glenn Says:

    I’m not saying none are seekers. Many are really seeking the truth, but those who continue to go to attend their “pastor – pewsitter” churches are being nourished from the face of the serpent.


    Pehaps Pete explains this better than I


    God Bless

    • Terry Stanley Says:

      Many, many believers are walking according to the light they have. We cannot fault people’s hearts when they don’t see certain things. If the Lord has given someone clarity and understanding and they ignore it, that is one thing. But many people have simply been raised in captivity and bondage to the structures of men – and they just don’t know it. The Lord will honor anyone’s heart who is humbly loving Him, no matter what church structure they are in.

      I do believe however that if someone is honest, they read the new testament without assumptions, and they continue to grow in God – at some point they will “smell a rat”.

      -Terry Stanley

  109. Claire Garner Says:

    I appreciate the discussion and I am one who is seeking and also one who knows the Shepherd’s voice. But though I have decided to leave the institutional church and doubt very much that I can return, I do not have the strong negative feelings I see expressed here on this blog at times.

    I am here because I believe in the verse that says there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. James 3:17 talks about this wisdom that I am seeking…it is first of all pure, peace loving, considerate,submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. And peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.

    It is obvious that we all here have been hurt in some way by the traditional church, but it is my prayer that we can all be restored to unity and oneness with all our brothers and sisters in Christ even though we may not be in agreement with how to operate an assembly of ourselves to worship our King, and even though we have been hurt.

    Thank you for allowing me to contribute

  110. Brett Davis Says:

    James 3:13-18

    Wisdom from Above

    13Are any of you wise or sensible? Then show it by living right and by being humble and wise in everything you do. 14But if your heart is full of bitter jealousy and selfishness, don’t brag or lie to cover up the truth. 15That kind of wisdom doesn’t come from above. It is earthly and selfish and comes from the devil himself. 16Whenever people are jealous or selfish, they cause trouble and do all sorts of cruel things. 17But the wisdom that comes from above leads us to be pure, friendly, gentle, sensible, kind, helpful, genuine, and sincere. 18When peacemakers plant seeds of peace, they will harvest justice.
    I wanted to talk to you Claire because we need more followers who have a heart for love inside this body of His. You are absolutely right about some of the body being hurt over their eyes being opened and looking back at the mis-leadings of the institutional church. However I would ask you to seek the Wisdom that was made unto you when you accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord. The word is clear that Jesus was made Wisdom unto you at that very time. Jesus said I will send you the counselor and you will be better off when I leave and the counselor comes. How many times has it been when we as followers has said I wish I could have walked the earth with Jesus. We often overlook the fact that Jesus said those of us who come along after He returns to His Father will be BETTER OFF than those who were with Him during His earthloy walk and ministry. Claire I love your heart and so does the Lord and I would just ask you to accept only the Wisdom of the Lord which is made unto you already.

    God Bless You,
    Brett Davis

  111. Claire Garner Says:

    Thank you Brett for loving my heart!
    Isn’t that what is all about anyway? Jesus cares more about the heart than anything else. And I guess I am just saying that when I get this home church going, I want my heart to be as His is.

    As we all know, the church of today is known more by it’s divison than by it’s unity. Division among the brethern is hated by God Prov.6:19.

    I know that I am being guided by the Holy Spirit and that He leads me into all Truth as far as leaving the tradional church. I am not seeking clarity there.
    I guess I am just seeking support that is Christ centered.
    I said that I felt there were many negative postings here, but I really hadn’t read much of it at that time. Now that I have read most of this blog I see that there are many who feel the same as I do and that is encouraging.

    And thank you Terry for giving freedom from spelling and grammer perfection 🙂

  112. Randall Says:

    Could someone help me with the following scriptures? Acts 2:46 says “And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart.”
    And Acts 3:1″Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, [being] the ninth [hour].”
    And Luke 21:38 “And all the people would get up early in the morning to come to Him in the temple to listen to Him.”
    And Acts 5:42 “And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.”
    Why do these scriptures place so much emphasis on the temple?

    What does “continuing daily with one accord in the temple” mean?
    Thanks for your thoughtful responses.

  113. Brett Davis Says:

    These men Peter & John in Acts 3:1 believed that Jesus was the Savior of the world at this point but they still believed and were preaching that your works plus Jesus work on the cross would get you to heaven. Basically they were still teaching the law with a little of Jesus in with the teaching. Where do you suppose they would find those people who were just counting on obeying the law. Very much like us and the church today, it is exactly why we all have left the church because they are condemning with the law, with the big stick in their hands.
    Luke is showing us that Jesus was in the temple and the people had to go their each day to hear Him teach. We are much more blessed because we are the temple now and Jesus lives in us.
    I believe that Acts 5:42 is the same as Acts 3:1 it is showing us that they had to go to the temple each day and every house to teach about Jesus and they were led to go to where those who believe in law/works were at and where were they? They were in the temple and in their homes.
    As always Randall I would ask you to take my view with a grain of salt and ask the Holy Spirit to answer these questions for you as I know you are now a member of Gods own family and have the right to go directly to Him for any answer you may need or want. He loves you as He does Jesus. That is why the word says as He is in this world so are you.

    God Bless You,

    Brett Davis

    • Randall Says:

      it is exactly why we all have left the church because they are condemning with the law

      Don’t know what you’re talking about…

  114. Ken Sauter Says:

    I have heard many comments over the years that always put the “glory of God” as our first priority. I take issue with that. Just in an informational kind of way, though. I believe all of us are doing our best to follow Christ. I think focusing so strongly on the ‘glory of God’ diverts us from the purpose God assigned us. God’s first command to man was to “multiply and replenish the earth”, then to have dominion over it. There was no emphasis on glorifying God in those commands, although as we do them, God will be glorified. It’s the same way in everything else we do. If we just live out our design according to God’s word, God will be glorified in the biggest and best way possible. For us to focus on glorifying God puts us in control of the glorifying process, and I think that’s wrong. God can glorify himself without my help, or yours, thank you. Irenaeus said “The Glory of God is man fully alive”. If we work on being fully alive, God couldn’t be glorified any more.

    That said, is there anyone in the south Garland, TX area looking for other believers to start a house group? It is dry out here.

  115. Glenn Says:

    Ken, I agree with your thoughts. I’ve often felt that formulas can hinder our ability to follow the Holy Spirit, to live the new life in Christ. While many passages give us lists and formulas, the real answer comes back to ardent seeking and following, from humble responsiveness rather than prideful effort. This goes back to the difference between a seeker follower and a presumer performer.


    God Bless

    PS Randall – what I think that Brett was talking about is the Priestclass Abomination. The pastor – laity system that we build our churches around is the Abomination that causes desecration standing int he Holy Place. Christ’s shepherds sacrifice their lives for the sheep, they are the slaves that wash the feet of their flocks, not our Lord over priests. These men spoil the daily sacrifice, the holy submitted sacrificial life of the Christ seeker.


  116. Anna Says:

    Brothers, where are you?
    I was born again in 1977, received the Holy Spirit soon after, in a little home group. I got my bottle-feeding in the Missionary church, my first admonishment in a Baptist church, my baby-questions answered in a
    non-denominational church. I learned how to trust Jesus for everything in another non-denominational church. His Holy Presence had me weeping, or dancing, or prostrate on my face, in more than one church building.
    There I learned the Scriptures front to back and how to match ’em up to most any topic, how to rejoice in the Lord always, how to go to one who has offended me and deal with it, what spiritual giftings are and how they operate…. all in pastor-led churches…. some of which started in someone’s garage or barn or basement. It’s true that as they got bigger and over-organized, they lost something…or everything… and we’ve now been looking for fellowship for nearly 2 years and are praying about House Church. But I’m not quite ready to pack everybody off to hell who grew me up in Jesus…hope that’s okay….

    • trishcampbell1108@yahoo.com Says:

      Anna, your journey sounds similar to mine in many ways. I certainly don’t think you have to “pack everybody off to hell” as you leave the building in search of New Testament house church life! Whether we meet in a building or in a living room, or in heaven, the blood of Jesus unites all true born-again believers. I bless my IC brothers and sisters. But I nevertheless find that I’ve become grieved the past few times that I’ve ventured back into an IC meeting.

      I had to smile when I saw your sentence, “Brothers, where are you?” I was just praying that same thing today, “Oh Lord, where are Your people in this city?” My husband and I moved to Lompoc, CA about 6 months ago and have yet to find other people whom God is calling to meet together outside of the IC. We are praying and watching and waiting. Is there anybody out there?

  117. claire Says:


    Very well put! I am in agreement with all that you said and want to thank you for that.


  118. Arcturo de Jesus Says:


  119. Anna Says:

    My husband and I are seeking house-church-folk in northern Indiana near South Bend; also considering NE Oklahoma as a possibility for Christian community in the future…perhaps a few folks/families homesteading together… any interest?

  120. Mark Beckloff Says:

    I found the Lord Jesus 25 years ago and then got lost in the world. I am back with the Lord and realize that all the churches around me are denominations steeped in traditions that keep people from the life of God in Christ Jesus through their forms and rituals and name. Health issues have brought me to Sedona AZ. Though I am alive in God I have no fellowship with anyone. I am looking for a breakthrough in fellowship, So asking for prayers that God will open my eyes to see, and that doors will be opened here in Sedona for proper fuctioning body life. Do it Oh Lord!!

  121. Rev. James Gorrell Says:

    Just to let you know there is a home church alive and well in Delta, Ohio (Northwest Ohio) and it has been meeting for 7 years. We started with 7 and are now up to 14. It is very family friendly and laid back and has several ministries. I love pastoring a Home Church after pastoring a traditional church for 13 years.

  122. Rev. James Gorrell Says:

    I have been heading a house church for 7 years now in Delta, Ohio. Before this I was a pastor in a traditional church for 13 years.
    Our house church is very family based and very open. Questions and opinions are expressed freely and I teach, we have an adult “sunday school” class every Sunday, so I do not preach. Everything is on power point with pictures to go with the words. All the songs and the teachings I do are done this way.

    • Mike Says:

      Dear Rev James,
      Hi. sounds real nice. Our’s has been going for 22 years, I Pastored a bible Church for 6 years before that, and before that 15 years in Brazil S.A. with New Tribes Mission. god bless. Mike

  123. Mike Morrissey Says:

    Dear folks,
    Hi. This is Mike Morrissey. We started a house Church back in 1991. God has blessed. It can be done gods way. Why so many are afraid to let the Church be the Church is amazing. If the H.S. is in charge, and followed, then everyone is as important as their fellow believers. Currently I am in contact by way of Skype with the Indian tribe we wrked with in Brazil, and are happy to dsee a number of saved folks going on with ythe Lord. They have a lap top, Battery, and a Sat phone and we keep in touch. Lift the Lord up in your heart today. god bless. Pastor Mike

    • James Gorrell Says:

      James Gorrell here. I started a home church back in 2005 because after 13 years and God’s prompting I was tired of what is called the traditional church. Faith In Action Fellowship is doing well at being the “church” God intended us to be.

  124. Mike Morrissey Says:

    Greetings from New Hope Fellowship house Church. We have been meeting since July 1991. god has blessed. We are a nuturing body of believers. We help support two New Tribes Mission missionaries as well. I Mike an a Pastoral Elder. Our family spent 15 years in Brazil working with Indians etc.
    god has helped us and we have found great success not being afraid of letting the Church be the Church. If someone has a question right in the middle of a message it bothers no one, we just stop address it and keep going. We appreciate those who have decided to try the House Church. I guess 20 plus years gives us the insight to say it works Gods way! Lord bless. If you are ever in the Area south of rochester, N.Y. give us a call.585-346-9892

  125. Rod Says:

    Have just begun meeting from house to house with 2 families. Must say so far this is more uplifting then the entertainment church I spent many years in. We meet in Perth, Western Australia. These resources are a great help, to prevent us creating a little structured church at home.

  126. rolledupsleeves Says:

    I was just eating some organic, seedless raisins. Sounds contradictory. But organic speaks to the environment in which the grapes are grown, and seedless speaks to their genetics. So, while something like “organic, seedless” raisins are quite possible, organic, seedless church is a true oxymoron. Because “church” speaks to the genetics of being born again with new life. Organic should foster a healthier growth of fruit, which will be seedbearing, and reproduce.

  127. Stacy Says:

    My husband & I left our church of 2 year as the Lord opened our eyes. First year we were being fed and filled with the fullness of Revelation. Well as the 2ed year come around we realized the controlling/jealous spirit that was coming from the pastor and elders. Prosperity and Name it and Claim it is what the sermon had switched to. About this time the Lord started using me to prophesy and he would give some pretty harsh but loving words. At one point the Lord gave me a vision of a landslide, I spoke it. Well it came to pass in 1 weeks’ time. I was so exited the Jesus was speaking to his body. For my husband and close brothers and sisters in Christ this was an outpouring and we Glorify Jesus for it. Needless to say within 2 week the Pastor rebuked me from the pulpit and said no Isaiah’s or Ezekiel of the old test were allowed in his church. For some time the Lord had been leading us out, we knew we were there for only a season. When the Lord closed that door he opens another. We have opened up our home now for the last 4 months. It is starting out slow but we have faith that our Lord will bring people. We want our home to Glorify our Father in heaving and allow the HS to minister not man. Freedom in Christ is our goal and first priority. Now we ask for prayers that the Lord show us who to invite and time to make it happen. God bless and thank you for your site!!

    • Pastor Jim Says:

      Lord led me to start a Home-Church 7 and a half years ago with 7 people. Last Sunday we had 28. The growth was by word of mouth and God. We did not advertising. Continue to pray and do what God has called you to do and keep your eyes open to opportunities. The growth at Faith In Action Church Of The Brethren tool off after we opened our house to a young mother and her son. Don;t give up and keep praying. If you are on vacation sometime, stop by we are in Northern Ohio,

      • Mike Morrissey Says:

        Dear Pastor Jim,
        Hi. I am Pastor Mike. sounds like you are on the right track, we have been going since 1992. We drew up a constitution and Doctrinal statement, and it has worked fine. We have been what might be called a nuturing Church. In the first several years our folks were from 40-50. But as the closeness developed, a number left as it got too close if you know what I mean, you can not hide much in a close fellowship that seeks to walk with the Lord. There has to be biblical accountability or the enemy plays havoc. Keep on being faithful. Pastor Mike

  128. Rod Says:

    What a Journey:
    In a structured church – (20 years) They would not let me become a member because I refuse to tithe, but I did offer to give 10 percent weekly as a love offering – they refused)- In a home church (1 years) – they didn’t want to spend time together outside of the meetings. Home church fell apart 3 weeks after this and those that didn’t want outside the meeting fellowship, went into a denominational church.
    Went back to a structured church (3 months) – found it difficult to attend due to the deeper relationships experienced in the home church. Spoke to some of the old home church family (who where not doing anything) about having a biblical pattern of meeting where everyone is free to express there insights on the Word of God and we learn to love one another outside the meetings. They said ” yes” and we started reading a book they had just read reading called, “The Gathering by Ray Barnett” on a weekly basis (6 months). I personally believe that the article you have on the website is better and yours is free, but the Lord was teaching me to suffer it to be so.
    The book is very similar to your articles, but you explain it clearly and without the intellectual waffle.
    Group is establishing. From 2 families initially to 3 families/2 single blokes/1 widow. I know once it reaches a certain size it will have to split in order to maintain its relationship aspect. But don’t need to worry about that yet. Just love God and Love one another (family of God).
    The biggest lesson I have learned is that God will build His church I just gotta follow the 2 greatest commandments and He will take care of the rest. 🙂
    Love following the biblical pattern, as it forces one to read the Word of God – rather then being spoon feed.

  129. chip Says:

    i just attended my first home church with my wife i was very interested in the atmosphere but until i pray about it i wont really know if this is where im supposed to be i didnt feel the spirit tonite but i didnt feel like anything was wrong maybe i should just give it a little time please if anyone is out there im looking for advice thank you first time goer in home church .

    • Brett Davis Says:

      Jesus promised to be with you always, to never leave you, nor forsake you. He promised where there are two or more coming together in His name that He will be there. Remember that feelings are one of the 5 senses that only came alive after Adam sinned, and if you try to live life according to the way you feel rather than according to Gods promises then you are in for a long life. I’m sure there will be days when you attend any church, pray, fast, or any number of things and do not feel the Spirit. Does that mean that the Holy Spirit was not there? Of course not unless Jesus was a liar. It only means you did not feel Him, but He is always there. Hope this helps, and I would highly recommend any books by E.W. Kenyon.

      • Mike Says:

        you are right on praying and asking the Lord if this is where HE wants you. I Pastor a house Church, we have been going 22 years. There does need to be a foundation of Biblically corrent doctrine, the Lord will reveal this to you. god bless Pastor Mike

  130. Anna Says:

    Seeking ex-patriate house church beyond the borders of the USA…

  131. Damaris Says:

    Hi! God bless! My husband and I are looking for a group in Orlando, Florida. By the way, ¿Any latino group in Orlando?
    We can go to an english speaking but preffer spanish since its our main language.

    (¿Algun grupo latino en Orlando?)


  132. Patty Says:

    My husband and I left the Catholic church over 4yrs ago. We joined my girlhood church, the Free Methodist church. We were very happy there. The congregation was very active in the service, and we got to know many wonderful brothers & sisters in Christ. Our pastor died, and then began a succession of stand-in pastors. Some of them were very disturbing. A new pastor came, and ushered in many changes. A stage was built, the worship team grew, and the pastor was now center stage. After prayer, we decided to leave. We joined a local church with a small congregation. We tried to fall in love with it, but there were many problems, and the elders were very controlling. We prayed about what to do, & we felt that God wanted us to visit a different church every Sunday. This has been very eye-opening. I have been impressed for quite sometime now that God is wanting something else from us…something more personal, that we need to open our home to others & to worship. It is not in our nature, not something that we have a gift for. I found this site a few months back, & it goes right along with what I have felt God’s leading to do.

    • Pastor Mike Morrissey Says:

      Dear Patty,
      Hi. As you grow in your love for Jesus and ask His guidance, HE will show you what direction to go to be used of God in a fellowship somewhere. We started a house church in 1991 and have been going since. We are able to also help 2 Missionaries. god bless your seeking. Pastor Mike

  133. Roger Says:

    can anyone tell me of an organic home church in
    the Tulsa area?

  134. Ray Sarter Says:

    I have a home bible study weekly which I would like to make a home church. I have been in the ministry for 30 years and have come out of the traditional church. Please feel free to share with me. 20 years as a correctional chaplain.

    • Pastor Mike Morrissey Says:

      Dear Ray,
      I am not sure what you would like to do. What would be the difference between a home bible study, and a home Church? We started a House Church 22 years ago, and have been going since. We help support two Missionaries, but in fact we have a nurturing fellowship. We have a name under my DBA but for all intents we are a Bible study fellowship, I would suggest keep teaching and keep being taught by your body of believers. Pastor Mike

      • Yvette Says:

        Why do you need a name for a gathering, and to do the Lord’s work? I do not understand this, what scripture can you give t support this.

      • Pastor Mike Morrissey Says:

        Hi Name mostly for cultural convience. No scripture for names. Mike

    • Arch Nevins Says:

      Great question that we are hearing a lot from those in ministry who are transitioning to Home Church designs out of their study of the Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are walking with many who have been in the ministry for years, have gotten out of it for many reasons, but have a passion for a more real ministry than ever before.

      I encourage you, even with your ministry background, to find someone who has done this for awhile and will help you ask questions to challenge the fabric of the traditions that have been planted so deeply in all of us that are of men versus of Him. If this journey is left to be something ambiguous we will miss critical steps that the Father has already made clear. You don’t need someone to mimic, but to disciple you in focusing on the Word.

      Many are available, as we are. Praying with you.

  135. Art Mealer Says:

    Hi Ray,

    I’m not sure if Pastor Mike’s response was to provoke your thinking, but it is a good question. How do you see the difference(s)?

    • Terry Stanley Says:

      The difference would be within the hearts of the people attending. Often a “home bible study” is a meeting held once a week for people to study the bible. There may not be any worship in song, testimonies shared, prayer for one another, communion / or a meal shared together.

      More importantly however, than comparing the actual activities themselves that take place during the bible study time vs. “house church”, would be the degree to which life is shared outside of the meeting. For example, in a typical house church setting, the people who are attending are actually sharing life together outside of the meeting. There is committment to walk together in all things. There is a strong knitting of hearts and lives that is more than just the meeting time. Although a home bible study can have some knitting of lives taking place, typically it is an optional or “extra” meeting that people attend – besides their official church family where they are primarily being built together with.

      • Art Mealer Says:

        Hi Terry,

        Helpful stuff!

        Ray, I’m guessing you know “churches” that lack a sharing of life together all during the week that Terry described, In those cases, what would happen to the programs and the Sunday “church” meeting if the “top down” management stopped?

        In effect, one of the key differences in most house church/simple church/organic church models is that every person contributes to building each other up when they meet. The meeting time and content isn’t managed by one person or a group of persons–it is the responsibility of all.

        This can be a difficult arrangement for someone who enjoys teaching bible studies, as well as for those who like to simply attend and be taught.

      • Art Mealer Says:

        The ability to contribute to one another when all get together in one place is related to the shared life together all through the week. So, a pace to start is not changing the activities (you teaching others the bible) at your meeting, but to begin allowing yourselves to be woven together throughout the week.As that grows, then the activities can adjust, and everyone will be able to contribute, and want to contribute. If you start first at the activity level, it will fail (this just repeats the insights Terry shared).

      • Ray Sarter Says:

        Thank you so much Art, Terry and Pastor Mike this has given me some insight that I had not thought of.

  136. Pastor Rodney Burnap Says:

    There was a home in Gelbert, Arizona and the Pastor went to jail for six months…for not being willing to stop. There were says that his home wasn’t zoined for a church…
    I have a Ministry called the Order of the New-Zeer. We are Born Again Spirit Fill Nazarites, an Order of man and women that Love Jesus with all our heart….
    We are full Gospel…
    Mystical; union with God. Sin seprated me from God. The Blood of Jesus washed my sins away and now I have union with God, through the shed Blood of Jesus…the Christ.

    Mystical; union with God. Sin seprated me from God. The Blood of Jesus washed my sins away and now I have union with God, through the shed Blood of Jesus…the Christ.
    Pentecostalism; Evangelical Christianity that places special emphasis on having a direct personal experience with God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit
    Mysticism ( pronunciation (help·info); from the Greek μυστικός, mystikos, meaning ‘an initiate’) is the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness, or levels of being, or aspects of reality, beyond normal human perception, sometimes including experience of and communion with God.
    Being filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is to be filled up with Power of God and to experiences his presence in a personal way…to be endowed with power to be bold witnesses

    Luke 14:33 Laying it all down for the Salvation of somebody Else…
    Living in Community…sharing everything needed…
    A Egalitarian …Loving People to Christ…

    Pastor Rodney Burnap 928-273-5539 Share, Preach,God used a Donkey once, and He also Saved some of Us…
    We try and live as simple as can be; living with as less as possible in order to reach as many souls as possible.

    Goals and qualifications

    1.) We are to be born again spirit filled Christians.

    2.) We commit to reading our bibles everyday.

    3.) When given an opportunity to share our faith we will do so with utmost love and as much scripture as necessary.

    4.) We commit to praying on a daily basis.

    5.) We realize that we are not promised tomorrow and that today may be the last chance for someone to hear the

    good news of the gospel, before slipping into eternity.

    6.)We are not a denomination: but a body of believers in Jesus Christ living in our Kings Kingdom.

    7.) We believe that you should assemble at a local fellowship of believers of your choice, prayerfully, and financially.

    What we believe

    1.) We believe in The tri-unity of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, maker of heaven and earth.

    2.) We believe that one must have a relationship with Jesus Christ or they are not saved in the

    true biblical sense of it’s meaning.

    3.) We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary.

    4. We believe that he suffered under the hands of Pontius pilot, was crucified.

    5.) We believe the third day Jesus rose from the dead.

    6.) We believe he ascended to the right hand of our Father God almighty.

    7.) We believe he will return to judge the world of sin and unrighteousness.

    8.) We believe that the church is a universal body of believers that meet and assemble collectively anywhere, anyplace, and at anytime.

    9.) We also believe in the equality and essential dignity of men and women of all ethnic cultures and backgrounds.

    10.) We believe that all persons are created in the Image of God and so should reflect a godly life in actions,

    deeds, feeling and thinking: in their everyday lives at home, work and play, after acceptance of Jesus Into their life.

    11.) We believe that men and women are to use their God given gifts for the good of the home, church, and society.

    I am looking and praying for other Christian brothers and sisters to join me on this great adventure, journey, and ministry of discovering the beauty of what it is like to see a person changed right in front of your eyes; and having the blessed opportunity to be the vessel God uses to do so.



    1.) Have you considered you can be the reason why a person will spend eternity with Jesus Christ.

    2.) Have you ever told God you would do anything for him? Perhaps this is the thing he wants you to do.

    3. Have you considered that we as believers really do need to die to ourselves and deny ourselves that others may live.

    4. Have you considered the fact that yes: works wont save us, but our works may save someone else.

    Have you ever considered that when you die there is something you can take with you? Someone else!

    Matthew 4:19 Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.


    Rap 777

    1.We are “Born Again Spirit Filled Christians”.

    2.We commit to reading the Bible daily.

    3. We commit to praying on a daily basis.

    4.When given an opportunity to share our faith, We will use as much scripture as possible.

    5. When given an opportunity to teach, We will use an Expositional or a Precepts approach whenever possible.

    6.We have read Matthew Chapter 25 and we realize that this ministry is dedicated to the principle of serving. Whatever you do to the least of these you do to Jesus.

    7. We will proselytize our faith with everything in us; Not knowing if, we might be the last chance that some body will have to here the Gospel.

    8.We recognize that loving, giving, and meeting peoples’ needs is the strongest way to share our faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We also Know that we have to share our faith by creating platforms and openly Preaching the Gospel……

    9.We recognize that being a Christian Mystic is simply an opportunity to pour out the Love of Jesus Christ to the Rainbow and Needy Community.

    10. We will minister to the whole world of People and Needy community regardless of race, creed, sexual preference or marital status.

    11. We are not denominational. We are simply generic Jesus believing Yahweh loving Christians. When asked what church we go to we simply respond; wherever the Spirit leads us.

    12. We attend and support a local fellowship of our choice faithfully and financially.

    13.We do not judge the people we are called to serve.

    14. We agree completely with the Apostles Creed:

    I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth;
    And in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord:
    Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary,
    Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried,
    The third day He rose from the dead;
    He ascended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
    From thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead.
    I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Church universal, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.

  137. Pastor Rodney Burnap Says:

    Better to never have been born then to never be Born Again….
    John 3;33

  138. Pastor Rodney Burnap Says:


  139. Carlos Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I don’t recall who the writer of the articles on this blog is but you have done an awesome job! I have been greatly blessed and encouraged by what is here even though I don’t think the house church movement is quite the answer to what ails the modern church. Many house churches apparently end up dying out and don’t seem to get anywhere for the Lord for very long.

    It seems that what is more important than whether one meets in homes or not is the relationship bridges that form between members. Those can happen in more traditional churches or in house churches, in prison, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Though certainly the pastoral system that is so prevalent in traditional church can hinder that greatly I think.

    Anyway I am writing a book that the Lord has inspired me to write and keep going with called Freedom to Express Spiritual Gifts. I would really appreciate input on what I have written. It’s not finished but I want this book to reflect His heart as accurately as possible before I go giving it away and publishing it everywhere and using it as a base for starting 1 Corinthians 14 type meetings locally.

    The Lord has brought a wonderful brother to join me in starting something new in our area but we are both relatively inexperienced in this type of endeavour. The book I am writing will form a base of biblical truth to help others quickly understand where we are coming from and to more fully lay out a biblical justification for doing things differently.

    Regardless of whether anyone responds with a willingness to review what I have written so far…thanks very much for posting what you have on this site.

    May the Lord continue to bless your efforts as you seek to do His will.,


    • Yvette Says:

      May I say, we just need to keep it simple – “love ye one another.” Pride makes everything difficult. There is no attitude of or desire for: preeminence, greed, manipulation, control, jealousy or any such other work of the flesh when we walk in love (see Galatians 5:19-26). We do not need any kind of “movement” or “start something new” we need to obey the Word of God, that instructs us to to walk in the Spirit, plain and simple. Gathering for fellowship outside of religious systems is nothing new or difficult. It becomes such when we fail to remember the words of Christ… “Ye are all brethern.”

  140. Carlos Says:

    With respect to not needing to start something new…hmm…that’s all well and good if one can avoid that but given that the something ‘old’ round these parts is not quite what the Lord wants as described in the Word…well…seems like something new is sorely needed.

    Mind you I have tried again and again and again to work out what the Lord wants inside traditional and established church and without exception, no matter how submissively I have tried to work with existing church leaders, what the Lord wants for His children has been resisted and denied time and time again. I give up.

    Time to start something new outside traditional church circles. New wine is needed.


    • Art Mealer Says:

      Carlos, I’ve found eventually you will want to do both: start something new and continue to connect with other believers locally. We do that by meeting on Saturday evenings. That leaves us free to visit other local churches and connect with the saints there. But to only remain within toxic structures and “try” to change them from within is not something that is sustainable or helpful for you or others. The best way to change traditional organization is to model and demonstrate biblical relationship alternatives, while remaining open and loving to all saints.

      • Carlos Says:

        Well put Art! I agree.

        Toxic structures eh? Hmm…I like that term. Very appropriate I think. I’ll have to use it in my conversations with others.

        Thanks for your input.


  141. Brett Says:

    I must say that I take Yvette’s words more condescending than loving. This is the reason more and more believers are looking for a home fellowship as they’re tired of being talked down to by the members of today’s church and being made to feel a a step child and am outsider and not a brother or sister. So Yvette’s you need to stop preaching the word and start living it.

  142. Harry Says:

    For almost 15 years, I have been in a traditional church. First, I started out in a small 200 member church where I first heard the word of God and believed on Jesus and became saved and born again. It started out as a great family-oriented church. Then the pastor became influenced by the wrong people and attempted to become a mega-church. From that point on everything fell apart. After some families left the traditional church – including mine – we have been going from one traditional church to another. All the while, my wife and I have been hungering for the word of God and true fellowship with the saints. Then I heard a teaching on-line from a former pastor of a traditional church, who now has a biblical church and is supporting missions, as well. The teaching cut straight to the heart and I was convicted, while at the same time over-joyed with the truth that he taught from the word of God about the true biblical church. Line upon line and systematically this brother showed from the word of God that the way we’ve been doing church has been the wrong way, and that God is calling His body back to what it was intended to be, all along. So my wife and I, along with our children, decided to start our own home church – just the family – and it has been a great blessing from the Lord, ever since. Recently, I found Terry’s website on Home Church Help and reading the way church was always meant to be. For now, it’s just the family and we’re catching up on a lot of “us time” that we missed out on all those years in traditional churches. However, we are in tune with Jesus and praying about His will for His church in our home. As we say in Spanish, “mi casa, es su casa.” It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing in all of your lives and to experience how God is growing His church in our homes as it was always done in the New Testament. The Lord, Jesus Christ, continue to bless all of you. Our King, Jesus, is the head of the church, and is on the throne: above all powers, principalities, thrones, and dominions. To God be the glory. Amen!

    • Pastor Mike Morrissey Says:

      This is a nice article! I sometimes wonder if the word ” traditional” Church could be replaced by a Biblical Church? When we leave our solid moorings for another direction, we soon can get off course. I think that the times we are living in, should tell us how late the hour has become.
      God has a lot HE wants to do via earthern vessels. We formed our house Church 22 years ago, and we are fewer in numbers than in by gone years, but being used as vessels in the hands of the Master, with much room for personal continual, groiwth I might add. But this story is so refreshing, keep up the good work! God uses whom so ever yields. In Christ. Mike New Hope Fellowship Church.

  143. Peter Eggleton Says:

    Greetings from Birmingham UK peter_eggleton@talktalk.net Mobile 07766713059 The following has been my vision of 45 years. Please contact me if we can fellowship or converse. THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH

    The restoration of the New Testament Church would be guaranteed by following the simple principles and practices of the Early Church as recorded in the New Testament.
    The first Christians met together, mainly in houses, to exercise the spiritual gifts described in 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 and to have a meal together to remember their Lord, Acts 2 v 46. If you walked into a meeting in early church times you would be hard pressed to find who the leaders were. The leaders were actually the servants of the Church. They were the ones who enabled the others to function. It is no accident that most of the epistles were addressed to the Church as a whole and not to so called leaders. All decisions in the Church were made by the Church as a whole and not by a few men calling themselves leaders. The servant/leaders had no title as Jesus had forbidden them to have one, Matthew 23 vs 1-12. The apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, (note not THE Pastor ), and teachers, were simply there to make sure that every believer was fulfilling their ministry, Ephesians 4 vs 11,12, NOT to do their ministry for them! Under the new covenant the Bible states that ALL believers are priests, 1 Peter 2 vs 5,9. Revelation 1 vs 4-6. 1 Peter 5 vs 1-4 describes how leaders are to behave and Jesus sets an example for us all in John 13 vs 1-15. Luke 9 vs 46-48 and Luke 22 vs 24-27 describe how we can be great in the kingdom of God!
    Over the centuries these Biblical principles were abandoned and a system was introduced whereby leaders in the Church became known as the clergy and the rest were called the laity. The same meaning applies to Pastor and flock, Minister and congregation, Leading Elder and believers etc… The title may change but the same principle remains – the leaders are active the rest of the church are passive. The faithful roll up for services or meetings to hear a message or sermon, sing hymns, say prayers. Some may even be privileged to take part in some way, or to take turns with the ministry. All this is a far cry from what happened in the New Testament Church as recorded in the Bible.
    In 1 Corinthians chapter 12 the church is described as a body with every member having a function. Each function is of equal importance, in fact Paul states that those who seem to be weaker members are indispensable v 22. God has given greater honour to those who lack honour so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other, vs 24 & 25. In order to have a strong Church everyone must take part, 1 Corinthians 14 v 26. When every part of a human body is functioning much can be accomplished. How much more could be accomplished if every member of the church were to use the gift God has given them! Satan would be defeated in no time! The Church would be restored immediately! Miracles, as in the early Church would be normal! There would be no lack anywhere! Instead of spending millions on the upkeep of buildings money could be channelled towards people!
    I appeal to those who are now calling themselves Pastor, Reverend, Father, Minister, Leading Elder or some other title, LET GODS’ PEOPLE GO! Remember you will have to answer to your Lord for holding Gods’ people back. You may not have been aware that you have been holding the Church back, but now it should be abundantly clear.
    These views are not new and have been held to some degree by George Fox and the first Quakers, John Wesley and the first Methodists, the Plymouth Brethren and more recently Watchman Nee, the Pentecostal Movement and the House Church Movement. None of these however have expressed the full function of 1 Corinthians 12 and in these last days the Lord is returning for a Church without spot or wrinkle; every member fully functioning.
    I can honestly say that over the 40 years of stating these things nobody has disagreed with me. If they had disagreed they would have had to disagree with the Bible. I have heard many excuses. Amongst them, ‘things are different nowadays’, ‘it’s impossible’, and the devil’s biggest lie, ‘if you find a perfect Church join it’! It is no accident that 1 Corinthians chapter 13, the great love chapter, follows on from the great body ministry chapter, 12. These things can only work by ‘being devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honouring one another above yourselves’, Romans 12 v 10. ‘Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love’ Ephesians 4 v 2.
    ‘From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, AS EACH PART DOES ITS WORK’, Ephesians 4 v 16.
    Something else that was introduced along with the pastoral system was the dedication of buildings to God. These became known as churches. The Bible clearly states that Christians are God’s dwelling place, Ephesians 2 v 22. They are God’s building, the temple of God’s Spirit, 1 Corinthians 3 vs 9,16. Paul preaching at Athens states that God does not dwell in temples built by hands, Acts 17 v 24. Today we still accept the devil’s lie, we even use his terminology. We talk about ‘going to church’ and ‘at church we did this or that’. Satan will do anything to make us think it all happens in a building and probably only on a Sunday! Jesus was clear as to where we should worship, John 4 vs 1-24.
    The first Christians met together mainly in houses, Romans 16 v 5, 1 Corinthians 16 v19, Colossians 4 v 15, Philemon v 2. The apostles taught from house to house and used larger houses and places when necessary, Acts 20 vs 7-9, Acts 5 v 42. In the house meetings they would share their spiritual gifts and perhaps have a love meal together, Jude v 12, hold a prayer meeting, Acts 12 v 12, or break bread together, Acts 2 v 46. The house is a place for family. Are not Christians God’s family?
    Something else that has changed from New Testament times is the introduction of denominations. Denominations, or as they are called in the Bible, factions, are listed amongst the most foul sins of the flesh, Galatians 5 vs 19-21. Jesus prayed that His followers might be one, John 17 vs 20-23. The Apostles recognised only ONE Church in ONE place. Paul did not address letters to the Churches in Corinth or the Churches in Ephesus. He did however write to the Churches in Galatia because that was a region composed of different places. In fact Paul wrote a very strong letter to the Corinthians because divisions were beginning to form, 1 Corinthians vs 10-17. He asked them the question, ‘Is Christ divided’? We have mentioned already that the Bible describes the Church as Christ’s body, 1 Corinthians 12 vs 12-31. Further references are Romans 12 vs 4,5,
    1 Corinthians 10 v 17, Ephesians 1 vs 22,23, Ephesians 3 v 6, Ephesians 4 v 25, Ephesians 5 v 30, Colossians 1 v 18, 24 and Colossians 3 v 15.
    Satan will do anything to try to destroy the unity of the body. However he can only do this outwardly as Christ CANNOT be divided even as our own bodies cannot. We cannot bring denominations together to create
    unity without recognising that this unity already exists. If we attempt to do so we only create a large organisation when Christ’s body is in fact an organism. Christ’s body is NOT divided and never can be! This is the only basis on which we can meet together as a Church; recognising we are His body. The way in which we treat our brothers and sisters is the way in which we treat Christ. I recognise that in the present denominational set up there are good people with leadership and teaching gifts. In fact many of them have helped me greatly in my walk with the Lord. I appeal to such people to bring God’s people to a recognition of their oneness in Christ and to encourage, enable, and release them to fulfil the ministry the Lord has gifted them for. After all, one person, or even a few people, cannot take the stresses and strains of leadership and ministry even as one part of the human body cannot do the work of the other parts. Jesus burden is light and His yoke is easy!
    There have been many books written on the New Testament, House or Simple Church and I have read most of them. Also there are many websites on the same subject and over the past 40 years I have seen house church movements come and go.

    These are the conclusions I have come to.
    1. Most house churches are simply copies of the traditional denominations with traditional leadership, traditional ministry and traditional function. I ask myself what is the point of leaving a so called church to start a copy of the one you have just left? Christ is certainly not the head/leader of this type!
    2. Most house churches are formed by people who have been upset by the Christians in a traditional church and are resentful and have decided to do their own thing. Again this is the wrong reason for starting a house church as the Bible is clear that we shouldn’t fall out with our fellow Christians. The New Testament Church had only one church in one place and ALL were members of the same church so how can you leave the church when you are still part of it? However there is a way to start a house church and still recognise the whole church.
    3. Most house churches have been started by Christians who have their OWN ideas as to how a church should be run and completely ignore how churches functioned in the New Testament. All churches in the New Testament were started by apostles (travelling workers). In God’s economy there are very good reasons for this. For many reasons New Testament house churches have to be started by somebody independent from the house church otherwise they cannot function properly.
    4. ABOVE ALL THERE SHOULD BE FREEDOM TO SPEAK and FUNCTION even if you make mistakes. Remember our Lord put up with Judas even though He knew he was from Satan. Paul rebuked the Galatians for going into bondage but the Corinthians who were worse in their actions he let off.
    Peter Eggleton

    MOBILE 07766713059

    • Pastor Mike Morrissey Says:

      Nicely put article. God bless you and all of us as we seek to do things HIS way in these last days. Mike Morrissey New Hope Fellowship

    • Mark Beckloff Says:

      Hey Peter,
      Praise the Lord for your words of reality how that we all need to function that the body of Christ may come into it’s fullness, and through the fullness, Christ’s glorious bride will be made ready. May we all drop the clergy/laity degradation and take the way of Life. That is; every Christian is born of God. God’s life is now in us that we may all be the life entity of Christ who is the Church. The living Christ who is now bringing Heaven to earth and earth to Heaven in us.
      It is so important to realize that as Paul said in Ephesians ch 2 that once being born of God we have been raised up to Heaven. When Christians are meeting together it is in the Heavenly nature that the church should display. This can only happen when every individual Christian takes the responsibility to be raised up into the heavens on a daily basis to receive their Heavenly manna to nourish them to be able to grow that they may bring to others (the Church) their Heavenly portion from within their Heavenly growth in Life.
      Too many times i have seen home meetings that are but natural earthly influences of goodness. No matter how good they are it is not the church. The gifts the Lord is giving the church is Heavenly gifts that can only be received in spirit, The spirit of life we have been born into as children of God. Let all of us seek the Heavenly gifts the Jesus is bestowing to the Church. That is; you being fed by eating Jesus (the heavenly manna) that we may in Spirit be blended together when we come together.
      Again thank you so much Peter for laying out a wonderful pathway to seeking the true Church.

      Brother Mark



  145. José Young Says:

    The principle we used to start meeting as a church was simple: If no ” churches” existed, if you had never heard of such a thing, what would be the result if you used only the New Testament as your guide?
    The results could be fairly varied, but the principle elements are very clear as to how and why the first christians met together.
    It is also clear that the principles concerning the christian life in community cannot be applied in a “spectator” church. I felt sorry for one of the pastors in the last “traditional” church we were involved with since he insisted on unity, on loving one another, on sharing, when there was no way his dream could be fulfilled in that particular congregation.
    There is no doubt that there are many men and women of God in the “traditional” churches, but even they have missed out on something they may not even be aware of. There is nothing that can surpass meeting together as family. It is the context God expects us to grow in.

    • Joseph Says:

      Jose, Your heart is moving in the right direction…the heart of God. A chart was given to me which can re-inforce all that you mentioned in your post about Love for Christ/family and what it looks like when men follow the Spirit of the living God and not traditions of men. Feel free to drop me an email at jotogo3@yahoo.com. Blessings in your persuit of truth.

      • Ken Says:

        I hear and agree with the sentiment for house churches, and I’m involved in one, but I have a question for those who care to think about it: how do you reconcile the great men and women of Christian history within the house church paradigm? It seems that all of those great people had followings–people that looked to them as leaders–which seems to me to sort of naturally create an institutional church type arrangement. They preached regularly and people showed up to hear them. I know there’s a place for preaching to large crowds, but when is that appropriate? And what is the natural, Godly progression of life for a great Christian thinker? Do they need to be under authority, and if so, what authority?

      • Terry Stanley Says:

        Great questions and thoughts Ken.

        I don’t see anything wrong with a man preaching regularly and for people to show up to hear him. But that type of meeting is not the typical “meeting of the church” as described in I Cor. 14. It would be sort of a special situation that is either for only a season or for some special message or series of messages.

        If people had a healthy new testament view of the church and the way it should meet, this kind of a meeting (one man preaching), would not throw people off. They would see it for what it is, appreciate it, and continue in the context of body life and not following men.

        “Great Christian thinkers” are no different than “not so great Christians who don’t think”. We are all to be living in some sort of close knit community where mutual submission is present. Good leaders point us to Christ and make us disciples of Jesus, not disciples of the man himself.

        What do you think?

        -Terry Stanley

      • Ken Says:

        It seems to me that all of us should be subject to the local body of Christ, including any ‘greats’, whoever they may be. When one guy/gal takes charge of a body of believers, you have an institutional church that becomes that person’s ministry. Whoever preaches or leads in any way must still be subject to the local body, and submit when the entire body agrees on a course of action. That means anyone that makes significant contributions must still be subject to a body.

        I do believe, though, that individuals can start a ministry around a theme or their ideal or goal and build a body of believers who agree with their goal or dream. That person has the vision and those who agree with it are free to support that person and his/her ministry. There’s a balance between vision and ministry vs the local assembly.

  146. Asa Says:

    I was so excited to find this website! I was beginning to think that my family was only one of a very few who thought this way about church. Kind of naïve I realize now. Thank you so much Mr. Stanley for creating this website. I started a blog – applyingchristianity.com – because I had a bad experience with a ministry and huge church I tried to get involved in. Fortunately, I have parents that taught me applying your Christianity was more important than going to “church”, but I was sad to see so many other young people in the ministry who felt like because they were going to “church” God was pleased with them regardless of how they acted. I started the blog to talk about some of this stuff. Applyingchristianity.com

  147. Gina R Says:

    I am overcome with emotion. There is no deception in this site. I feel like someone who has just crawled into an oasis filled with living water and I’ve had a drop which reminds me of how dead I feel. I am looking forward to reading all the articles, comments and then praying for God’s increase in the church family. I already learned something about profiting off of fellow brothers, sisters and seekers (may it never be!) So clear and simple in the writings and the example modeled here. His yoke is easy and burden is light. The world (and the world-like church system (hierarchy and insincerity) is a hard task master (and has caused so much confusion). Matt 25But Jesus called them to Himself and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. 26″It is not this way among you, …”

  148. Lee P Says:

    I have been able to visit and work in several countries,yes there are tradtional church structures (Pastor,deacons,ushers,ect) but I have seen the churchs in villages (house churches) they were much more personal,laid back,but the Holy Spirit moved powerfully in these meetings,Jesus had his way,people got saved,healed,it was awesome….

  149. Lee P Says:

    I was birthed in a home church in Japan, as a service member..I was a not a church goer or had no clue how the church world operated in the US or anywhere else…Well when I came to the US ,I joined a church ,became a leader in a church ect…ordained ,18 years later,3 Pastors later ,strict discipleship,I thought it was all a hindurance to the work of Jesus in a individual’s life…Church building for the cause of the denomination…When the refer to the Church,They are refering to their denomination, not live stones………………I have many views that line up with the web site,but have never seen it in writing…..untill now

  150. Abel Says:

    I like this forum . I left traditional church 18 years ago, after a year of receiving Christ. A brother opened my eyes. I am very happy and thank God not letting me stay there. I am still learning . Hard to find christian to believe that traditional church is not the way God planned his Church; even some will hate you for saying that. Most christian will stay there until our Lord comes back. When the decree came out for the Israelite to live Babylon and go to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, not all of them leave. Same situation we are in today.

  151. LeeP Says:

    My friend a fellow evangelist travels and handful of times to other states and countries.In the past when I was with the traditional church,all travels overseas were paid for by my own out of pocket expenses(like $2,000 a person)…The experience was nice,seen alot,many prayed,but I do not know if i will sacrafice that kind of money in the future for missions outside the US…I feel we have a missionary field here in the US,there are many needs.If I had the resources I would try to reach overseas,but I am a common wage earning individual.Many overseas works beg me to come overseas,frankly I can not afford it….. any feed back is appreciated.

  152. Abel Says:

    We , as christian , have obligation to assembly with Christians in where we living . As for the missionary work, we need to be directed by the Holy Spirit as to where will go. Before we start it , we need a lot prayers and ensure that God is sending us; otherwise it will be a waste. If God send us He will provide the means

  153. Tim Troxel Says:

    I just want to say I don’t believe I have come across someone who has articulated this point so well and its an issue God has put strong on my heart from a young age.

  154. David Says:

    I recently found another reason why home church is the way of the Lord. It is apparent that in a true home church setting, one can hear more from God’s Spirit than in traditional setting, due to the freedom for men to speak as the Lord leads; which is not the case in Structured Church format where only one man is assigned to speak to the church. Another area for me for approving of home church is the revelation of Gospel truth. In other words, For the first time in my life have I encountered the truth of the Gospel! Basically the truth of our true Identity in Christ verses identifying with our flesh. This revelation has hit home in my heart and I no longer walk defeated and disillusioned of my position with my Lord. I walk in faith in the truth of Christ regardless of circumstances or my past. It involves believing continuously. I now find that zeal in which I had from the first time Christ apprehended me! Jesus is Lord; I believe.

  155. Kim Says:

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

    Home church is definitely the way to go. When the early church met they met in truth. That is what we should do today. I’m sure the early church often talked about things that presently was a problem or a threat to them. To me, not only is fellowship important (and that fellowship to be in the spirit of the true doctrine of Christ) but also talking to one another about things that are happening around us today. For instance, if in the early church Paul knew there was a falling away in the church, he would have been warning his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I would like to see when we meet together as the “true church” that we would do this for one another. In the early church those who received revelation shared it with others, that’s what a lot of the early church was about. That’s one of the reason they were eager and hungry to talk to one another, to learn.

    One thing I see on this website that I don’t totally agree with, that I really see a lot of home church places. This idea that we can’t be critical of the organized churches. We can’t? Brothers and Sisters in Christ that what this is all about. 30 years ago I had the experience of sitting in my Mennonite Church and seeing everyone in it demon possessed. That is what started my journey into what is wrong with the church. You just don’t see a church, totally demon possessed and something not be drastically wrong. Was a lot of “good” things happening in that Mennonite Church? No. There was nothing good happening in that church. Not only will I be critical of that Mennonite Church but I will tell you that it’s dangerous to attend it. I will greatly warn you about letting your family attend it.

    Why have some of us started home church? It’s not because it’s the neatest fad to happen in the Christian life. Which is far to many peoples’ problem. This is an extremely serious situation that we are facing today. The churches have fallen away, this is the falling away that Paul spoke about. Far too many of us are trying to walk on egg shells with these fallen away churches instead of shouting from the mountain that something is wrong.

    The falling away is so big and so vast that it’s almost impossible to get away from. I’ve searched for 30 years trying to find just one group of people that when I sit in their presence, I discern the Holy Spirit instead of demons and I haven’t found it yet. It’s been 30 years and God hasn’t let me find a group yet that knows the total truth. I always find something yet in everyone’s life that Satan still has them in some type of deception, some tradition yet from the false churches. Everyone I met is protecting the false church instead of the true church.

    People wake up! The church system has fallen away to the point that most churches now are totally demon possessed. It’s impossible for people to even get saved in them. We have start to get serious, but few do and things are continuing on in the horrible state they are in. Very serious times.

    Sister Kim

    • Terry Stanley Says:

      Kim, I agree with you that we should call sin, sin and that we should call what is wrong, wrong. But the fact is – there are saved brothers and sisters in traditional churches. Secondly, God uses traditional meetings to grow and edify His body. There are things wrong in many home gatherings as well. I do appreciate and support your zeal and love for what is good and just.


    • Cyndy Says:

      Dear Sister Kim, I know exactly what you mean. The great falling away warned about in IIThess. 2:3 HAS ALREADY OCCURRED. And the church is so asleep they didn’t even notice. I have, like you, searched for 30 years for a group of believers who are pure…I have felt very much like Elijah, when he said, “Lord, they have killed thy prophets, and digged down thine altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life. But what saith the answer of God unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to baal.” Well, I said to myself, I have searched for years and have not found even one of the “7000” (not literally 7000). There has also been another end-time prophecy fulfilled, and that is written in Revelation Chapter 17. No room to quote here, but you can read it. But then it says in Rev. 18:4, “I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins….” [which implies that some of God’s people are still in her]. From my 39 years of experience in the church, I am fully convinced that you will not find these people in the church building (regardless of denomination or non-denomination). They will be identified when they “come out of her.” I have also been to a house church in my area that I found on one of the home church websites, where I ran into the very same “stuff” that I encountered in the church in a building. I said to myself, they have imposed the same “stuff” on the house churches that they did in the churches in a building; Therefore, those who think they are escaping what’s in the church in a building will run into the same “stuff” in the house church “movement.” Anything organized by man will be corrupt. I always find it hard to help people to distinguish between the bride of Christ (pure, spotless and without blemish or any such thing) and the harlot, because they sadly decide that it’s the whole Christian religion and walk away from Jesus.

      Dear Sister Kim, perhaps if you will e-mail Brother Terry, he can forward your e-mail to me, and maybe we can fellowship together if it is geographically feasible. I don’t want to pass up this opportunity.

  156. Kim Says:

    I’ve never been to any homechurch conferences, I was kind of considering trying to find one. From what I’ve read you say it sounds like a homechurch conference would be a great disappointment to me. Thanks for the heads up!

    Sister Kim

    • Terry Stanley Says:

      I’ve had limited experiences with home church conferences, but the ones I’ve been to were not that great. It would be better to visit some house churches.

  157. Kim Says:


    A few years back I found a home church conference online, I never went to it for several reasons. I was trying to do a search to see if they are still doing it but I can’t seem to find anything on it. I did find a UStreaming homechurch online that was very interesting locally. They have named their homechurch with a name and I don’t really like that when people do that. I think we shouldn’t do that and we should just be called by our city. I think we should do things like in the bible.

    Of the 3 home churches I’ve found on the hccentral home church directory in this area one is non-charismatic, not much better than the church I came out of. One the website is down and gone and I’m not getting any email replies from them and the other is yours.

    I read your entire first book and part of your other one. I did noticed that you mention prophecy involved with a homechurch meeting but you don’t really say anything about the gift of discerning of spirit functioning in the group or tongues and interpretation of tongues or a few of the other gifts like word of knowledge or wisdom. Are you open to all the gifts? I do realize that in very small group sometimes the gifts do not always function all the time. But if they would, are they all allowed? I also realize that some people have trouble functioning in these gifts if they came out of a church that never taught them. Bondage can do great things to us that is not always easy to overcome, at least that has been my experience.

    I like what I read in your book, I’m really impressed with your heart and I think a lot like you about how homechurch meetings should function. That is very refreshing to see, I don’t find that very often in my searchings. Home churches have had quite a struggle surviving, there are at times little to work with. But the homechurches are a work in progress.

    I have been part of several home churches in the different places I have lived and it was pretty easy to be a part of them. I’ve been out of the churches for 18 years. How do I find what part of the city you are from? I don’t really like to say online where I live, I’m kind of funny about that, like to keep it private. My email address is omnicopy@aol.com if you would like to send me a private email about your location. I would appreciate it. If you could put something in the subject so I know it is you. We might give it a try, it’s actually been quite awhile since I’ve been part of a home church lately. I don’t know how close I am to you. I will let it up to you if you want to contact me by email but you sure are welcome to.

    Sister Kim

  158. Kim Says:


    The homechurches that I have been involved with over the years ended up being very cultish like. It’s really just been 2 homechurches over the years I have tried to be a part of. I stayed in my church for about 13 years before I left. I tried to help it, to little avail. I couldn’t help my church.

    During the time that I was at the home churches, I mean, I got along OK with the people. But eventually just had to leave because of their crazy doctrines, they really quite far out in doctrine. I will be part of a homechurch but not to the point that I will be lead astray or go into deception. I call the homechurches kind of like the wild wild west right now. Some of them, unfortunately.


  159. J. Young Says:


    It is easy for a small group to form without any clear objectives or manner of living as a community. I cannot comment on what is going on in North America since I do not live there. But we have two basic rules.
    1. Forget that “churches” exist. Procede as if there were none in existence. A good 80% of what a typical church does is tradition, that is, it looks nothing like what you read about in the New Testament. Don’t copy.
    2. What then does the New Testament say we should do?
    If a group starts without a clear biblical foundation anything can be the result. Personally I believe, and we practice, that bible study should be an integral part of our fellowship together. We can get off track, of course, but it is not so easy this way.


  160. Kim Says:

    Thanks Jose, I appreciate it. Problem is that they read the bible but still don’t do it, so what are you suppose to do? At least here in America, it seems to be rather bad. I have no choice but to leave where truth is not followed.

  161. Kim Says:


    The 2 homechurches I was involved with had crazy doctrines. I didn’t know it right at first, it took awhile to learn them. Not kidding, I know this is hard to hear and it probably won’t be posted. The first homechurch I went to said married couples weren’t suppose to have sex. That those of the Bride of Christ didn’t have sex. There were married couples in them that were not having sex. Totally crazy but this kind of homechurch did exist. I eventually left that homechurch. The next homechurch the main guy said he could marry people and didn’t need to really get married by the state. So he was having people in the homechurch marry people in his church. It was truly crazy. If that is what is out there in the homechurches here in America, not interested! Sorry. Most of the homechurches are in error as bad as the church, at least here in America they are. The homechurches are already following the pattern of the churches. The homechurches are breaking up in to schisms, some are chasmatic and some aren’t. They are naming themselves just like the churches do, it’s the same old same old most of the time here in the USA. I guess God will just have to lead me somewhere where I can find some resemblance of a real christian assembly.


    • Terry Stanley Says:


      You are right that many “home churches” are in error. But it is not the fact that they are meeting in a home that causes them to have bad doctrines. There are also many people who assemble in buildings with a paid staff who are in error as well and have crazy doctrines. The problem is people, not any particular place the people meet in. Having said that, meeting in simple ways without the extra-biblical traditions of men still remains the best way to assemble together.

  162. Cyndy Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I would like for all of you to be in fervent prayer for me, my marriage, and our three precious daughters that God gave us, throughout this summer, for the Lord Jesus to heal and restore our family. My husband needs to reconcile with me and then for us to do the work that the Lord Jesus called us to do. That will require a lot of really deep intercession in the Spirit and with the understanding and get to the root of what has caused all of this damage to our family and ministry. There is not enough room here to explain it all, but my husband and I are still married, but he has forced me out of our jointly-owned house. He refuses to see me or talk to me. I am living with my oldest daughter within 5 minutes of my house and within 5 minutes of my middle daughter’s house, whom I have not been allowed to see or talk to for over 10 years because my husband turned her against me. The youngest daughter especially needs prayer this summer for her to get back to the Lord and to the calling that He has for her. There is a lot more that is too much to write here, but all of these relationships need to be healed asap in order for us to be right with God and to be able to do His ministry. I need my brothers and sisters in Christ who have the heart of God to pray through till the answer comes. The turning of this captivity and breaking of this yoke will be like those miracles that Jesus and His apostles did, that caused many to believe on the Lord Jesus. Thank you very much.

  163. jesushassavedme Says:

    Im asking for my pastor,
    we have home service in our home. The lights bill became due and she wanted to know can she use the church money to keep the power on so that she can continue to have services

  164. A'Ampaire Zephania David Says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am privileged to learn about Home Churches. If what I have read about home churches is what exactly happens, then thank God you exist. For years, since 2007, I have struggled to neet people who believe the way I believe. Through the Africa Church Rescue Missions, an Organization through which I recruit households into purposefulness, struggling to show families how they can be useful to each other and earn God the glory. Why not meet in homes as members of a Community Action Group (CAG)? Visit each home at a time, contribute to the cup of tea, try and add value to the host home by contributing to purchase of a goat or piglet, pray together, worship and praise together, involve the children, look at the future of the children and family, do something about it especially saving money for future sustainability.

    Let me be challenged and be advised if I am wrong.

    A’Ampaire Zephania David
    TEAM LEADER, The Africa Church Rescue Missions – Uganda
    +256 779 488517
    Email: zaampaire@yahoo.com

  165. Jim Says:

    Greetings in Jesus Name

    I am new to the home church but can tell you all that this is what I am looking for. Praise God! I have been looking at the site and studying it very closely. Bro.Stanley…I agree with you. I am an ordained minister…big deal…I will be looking here and posting a lot.
    I do have one question for now…where does the gifts in Ephesians 4:11 come into play in the house church. I understand the reason for them found in verse 12. Bro Stanley I will be waiting on your reply, but am open to any and all as long as they are biblical.
    Thanks in advance

    • Terry Stanley Says:


      The gifts and callings of God on a person are no less functional in a house church setting than in a traditional setting. In fact, they are more functional. Without the artificial restraints and man created hierarchies placed on people as in the traditional setting, all of the gifts and callings are able to freely express themselves. Practically speaking, a man doing the work of an apostle is free to open his home, gather people together, and be the “starter kit” that he is in any locality in order to begin a new work. There can (and should be) multiple people functioning as shepherds in any particular group or locality. Evangelist are free to speak and lead out with proclaiming good news (a gift to the church, not only to the unbelieving). Those whom the Lord uses to prophecy often are free to do so without having to get approval from one man. In short, all gifts and functions are not accountable to only one person (a though everything had to be approved by the CEO of a corporation), but everyone is subject to the entire body. Eph. 5:21 “Be subject to one another in the fear of Christ”. There is tremendous freedom in the New Testament model, and there is tremendous responsibility. If something is taught or shared that is not biblical, then that person should be pulled aside and corrected gently (at least the first time). No one is censored, stifled, or restrained in their gifts and functions. We are free to make mistakes, learn and be corrected. This causes the growth of the whole body – learning to function and be an active member in all things (both in expressing your gifts and in reproving and checking others who may miss the mark from time to time).

      -Terry Stanley

    • José Young Says:


      In the New Testament context there were no “ordained” ministers in the sense we give the term now. There were teachers and prophets (in the sense of 1 Corinthians 14.3, 4) and their task was as you indicate, to prepare the church for its ministry.

      And the ministry of the church, according to Efesians 4.16, is to build itself up. Paul was a church planter (apostle) but also a teacher. He prepared leaders in a church then went on. As we see in Acts 14.23 he prepared elders/pastors in each church and then left the task to them.

      The church should not be a spectator activity but a building activity. Each one of us responsible for the rest. We encourage one another, teach one another, pull one another up when we stumble. That is not the task of the “leaders”, it is the task of all of us.

      Suggestions to help you think over the subject you brought up.


      • Jim Says:

        Thanks Bro Young for your reply…I will think over what you have given and fed me with.Do you attend a house church and if so did you start it ? If you started one how did it happen ? Did you just ask people about coming ? Fill me in.


      • José Young Says:

        Yes, we started our group. I have long been a student of what the church is, and one thing that has always bothered me is that much of what the New Testament says about church life cannot be applied in a “traditional” church where you sit and watch a program. The church is supposed to be interactive, with the participation of all. We all build the church.

        In our case I have helped in a number of congregations, as pastor in a couple, and did it gladly since they asked for help. But we finally arrived at a situation where I was not really needed. So with another couple who shared our vision we started, the four of us.

        So far people just seem to show up. They see what we are doing and like it and after a visit they stay. We hope to grow to the stage where we can multiply, that is, form another group, but bit by bit.

        We have avoided inviting people who attend other churches since we feel it would not be very ethical…. they call it sheep stealing. But it is the Lord who builds the church so we expect to grow and multiply.

        May the good Lord help you find yourself in a healthy church fellowship.


      • Jim Says:

        Thanks again Bro. Jose
        How do or how did the people see what you guys were doing ? How long have you guys been going with your vision ? How many people are attending ? I am excited about this and am in prayer that God with continue to help you and bless you


      • José Young Says:


        We live in a fairly unusual situation here. The first churches in the area were of the Brethren tradition, and then later the Pentecostal churches. But those early churches have changed very much, and have left a lot of people disturbed. A number simply left and ended up without a church family.

        I know that that many would love to be in a group like ours, but I do not feel it would be ethical to invite them to leave their present congregation. We have invited some of those who gave up on church meetings and a few have responded. Of course our group is in contact with many other Christians, and they ask what we are doing and so the word gets around. But…. growth has been slow.

        We have been at it less than a year, and would be about a dozen believers. One big advantage of the home church is that we know one another…. not just by name but as people. Which creates an important pastoral situation where all can take part.

        May the good Lord guide you in your own church future.


  166. ABEL Says:

    Hi All,
    Anyone knows any home church in Dover DE? Thank you .

  167. José Young Says:

    Out of curiosity I looked up “house church” in YouTube. There is a lot there. Some I feel is pretty well put, but also some that is way off. I just listened for a while to a preacher who insisted that house churches are not biblical. To me his arguments are from a person who really does not understand what the church is.

    Anyway, it might do you good to hear the negative side to clarify your own thinking. And you may not fully agree with some of the way specific churches do their thing (as I don’t), but it is a learning experience. We need to examine what we do in the light of the Scriptures.

    What really is a “church”? What does it do? What is a “member”… or a “pastor” of a home church? Do you take an offering and what do you do with it? There are many questions we should ask ourselves to be sure that our fellowship is just not a “happy little group” that doesn’t like the traditional churches.


  168. Ed Says:

    Has anyone heard of a home church in Woodland Park, Colorado (first choice) or Colorado Springs, Colorado? Is there someone who is trying to organize home churches?

  169. ABEL Says:

    Hi All
    If anyone living in Dover DE area, and he is interested in coming together like church(meeting in homes, and also coming together in one big assembly) as the apostle did in the scripture , let me know.

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